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5 Principles That Will Help To Become Successful In Life-The Magic Of Thinking Big

Principles for successful life.

Principles for successful life
Principles for successful life

Principles for successful life

5 Principles for a successful life

Hello Friends…!!!

I have a friend who used to say again and again that after completing his engineering, he will look for a decent job.

On the other end, I have another friend who used to say that he wants to become a millionaire.

Today’s situation is that both of my friends are working in a big MNC. 

But my first friend’s annual income is 5 lac rupees per year, Whereas my second friend’s annual income is 15 lac rupees per year.

There was one similar and one different thing in my both friends.

The similarity was that they used to think about their future but the difference was that their way of thinking was different.

My first friend thinking was narrow-minded but my second friend used to have broad-minded type thinking.

once a scientist was asked that What is more faster than the speed of light?

The scientist answered human brain thinking power.

today both of my friends are having a good job but my second friend’s income is more because his thinking was big.

And according to that he has done hard work and took some important decision to reach this position.

But my first friend started it in the wrong way, not even a good job, he was just looking for a decent job. It’s like because of having a small thinking type of nature, 

he has kept a barrier at every 100 meter for himself and according to that he was taking small decisions to cross that barrier to get success in any work, 

hard work and smart work is necessary.

But before that, it is necessary to think big regarding that work it’s my passion to upload a new Article on my Website every day.

And try to share with you one good thing through my Article every day and for that purpose, I have to do research the whole day.

and then I present that content in form of an article with you.

but I know many people who are not serious about their passion.

because they think there is no hope since there are more better people in that field compared to them


Many people don’t apply for a good job because they feel others are better compare to them.

Many people don’t do friendship because they think that they don’t look good.

When you don’t believe in yourself, then how others will believe in you. why the company will give you a job when you don’t have trust in your chance for selection.

Why people will do friendship with you when you don’t have trust on your personality

Believe in yourself, So that world can believe in you

Human behaviors are depended on their thoughts whatever we are thinking in our mind regarding anything then according to that, we take our actions.

If there are some negative thought regarding anything in our mind, then our action and behavior both become negative


Your friend has told so much bad things about one of your office colic. that it has created a negative image about that office colic in your mind.

Now no matter how good that office colic is your behavior most of the time is negative whenever you meet him.

Due to negative thoughts running in your mind, that’s why try to keep your thoughts positive.

So that your action and behavior is also positive. I have hear from many people that to become successful in life, you have to struggle a lot.

We have to do struggle and hard work but in reality, the more hard work we do then we leads towards failure,

Actually I don’t believe in struggle type word because that word creates a negative impact in our mind instead of that I replace that word with the learning period.

Which generates positive vibes in me.

The author say that in any activity, 

Either we win or learn lesson from it when we learn the lesson from our mistake and make a decision that we will not repeat it again then we ultimately convert our defeat into our biggest win.

I have a uncle who always talks about success whenever he meet me to get success you have to do this that etc etc

one day I asked him if you know so much about success then why you are not so successful

he was silent for some time and then replied due to family responsibility many people give various reasons for not being successful in life

like I don’t have time, I am too short for this work, I am not feeling well, I have kids, etc

But the people who are successful in life don’t make such excuses.

If Mark Zuckerberg can make Facebook at the age of 20 then you don’t have any excuse.

If Harland Sanders can build KFC food empire at the age 50, then you don’t have any excuse

Stop making excuses and start taking responsibility

Let’s have a quick recap of all these principles.

Make your thinking big and broad to become successful in life, never underestimate yourself, and always believe in yourself.

Try to think more positively so that your action and behavior both are positive. learn a lesson from your mistake and turn your defeat into victory.

Instead of giving excuses, start taking your responsibility.

Lat’s talk That Five (5) Principles That Will Help To Become Successful In Life

Principle No 1: THINK BIG

If our thinking is narrow-minded and small, our action towards it will also be small which will lead to a small result. So its better to think Big so that our actions and hard work towards it is more and we get a big result.


Human beings should have trust in themselves, on their work, and on their thoughts. When we will believe in ourselves self than the world will automatically start believing in us.

Principle No: 3 THOUGHTS & BEHAVIOR 

Whatever we think in our minds, according to that we take our actions. If our thoughts are negative, our actions and behavior towards people will also be negative. So try to keep more positive thoughts in order to keep our action and behavior positive.


Whenever we perform any activity, we either become winners in it or learn a lesson from it. “STRUGGLE’ world creates a negative impact on our thoughts. To replace it with a “LEARNING PERIOD” which generates positive vibes in us. When we learn from our mistakes and decide not to repeat it again. we ultimately convert our defeat into our biggest win

Principle No: 5 EXCUSITIS 

People make many excuses for not being successful in life. But those who are successful in life, don’t make any excuse and accept their mistake. So stop making excuses and start accepting your responsibility

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Principles for successful life

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Principles for successful life

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Principles for successful life

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