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Believe Yourself | Motivational Story

Believe Yourself Motivational Story.

Believe Yourself Motivational Story
Believe Yourself Motivational Story

Believe Yourself Motivational Story

Someone has rightly said that there is a slight difference between people But this slight difference makes a big difference.

This slight difference is their point of view and the difference. Whether that attitude is positive or negative. How man’s attitude affects him and his life.

This is told in this short story.

There was once a small kingdom. That state was happy and fulfilling. His king was peace-loving and caring for the people.

But his near state king was very ambitious and cruel. He always kept planning to hold that small state.

Once he thought of attacking that state to serve this purpose And camped on the border of that small kingdom with his huge army.

And received the message from the king that either he surrendered And hand over his kingdom to him without any violence, then life to him Will be donated.

Otherwise, the king got scared after getting this message. Because he had a small army while the enemy had four times his army.

So there was no hope, no hope of winning But he did not even want to surrender.

When he talked to his commander and ministers about this, he also Gives Surrenders advice.

Now even more nervous.

There was a great Mahatma in his kingdom. Whom the king and his entire people worshiped like God.

They all had a deep faith and unwavering reverence in the Mahatma. The king reached the Mahatma in the pit of this crisis and told him the whole thing

And prayed for guidance from them. The Mahatma asked them to go out and wait a while so that they would meditate Could get guidance from God.

After a while, Mahatma has come out of great delight and is happy with the king Told him that God has given him interviews and for you

This message is sent, That you fight

I myself will be present there to protect you in battle. The victory will definitely be yours.

Mahatma gave some threads to the king saying that one one

Tie the thread in the hands of each of your soldiers. As long as this thread remains in the hands of you and your soldiers, someone

Even power cannot harm you because God himself is your thread Will be with you.

Hearing this, the king’s joy was no more.

When he told this to his commander and soldiers, the faces of all of them The hope of victory shone.

His passion reached the seventh sky And he immediately got up and got ready for war.

There was a fierce war in both the army The enemy’s soldiers were four times more but the king’s soldiers were so brave

And with indomitable courage, the power of Lade’s enemy army erupted in a short time went.

He had full faith in his victory because God himself was with him. The enemy’s army escaped

The king’s soldiers suffered minor injuries while the enemy army suffered extensive damage

Returning to victory, the king, including his soldiers, at the hut of the Mahatma Stopped to thank them and seek blessings from them.

He told all the conditions of the battlefield and finally asked that now he What to do with threads that are a model of God in interviews.

Mahatma told the king that you can now break it and throw it away This is not a God but a simple thread that I have given you

Gave you to support the weak mind. Your mind was full of weakness and despair and weak and

A hopeless mind can never achieve victory. Whether it is war or any other problem of life. So I created this story to create hope in you.

Always remember that we can get only that much in life We believe to get as much.

Is true

Friends, when we don’t lose when our body loses. We lose when our mind loses.

Henry Ford has said that when we say we can or It is said that if we cannot, then in both cases we are right,

Because we are saying both things from our different perspectives And we get the results according to our point of view.

Mohammad Ali who World Champion in Boxing and Gold Medalist in Olympics Were

One thing is prevalent about him that whenever he was in the ring, He kept repeating one thing continuously When asked why he does this, 

he told that, When he falls into the ring and falls, his physical skill ends there is.

Then these mental skills come in handy which would force us to rise again is.

This is the mental skill who says get up, try once again. 

We do not lose when we die and fall. We lose when we fall and lose the courage to rise again. 

Therefore, it is more important to strengthen the mind before the body.

Believe Yourself Motivational Story

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Believe Yourself Motivational Story

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