Distance sometimes lets you know who is worth keeping and who is worth letting go. – Lana Del Rey

Alphy Johnson

10/10/20233 min read

Does distance make the heart grow fonder?

“Distance sometimes lets you know who is worth keeping and who is worth letting go.”

– Lana Del Rey

This is a proverb that suggests that being separated from loved ones can intensify one’s feelings of affection. It implies that the longing and yearning for someone you care about is very deep and such relationships strengthen the emotional bond shared by you. This can be in any kind of relationships like parent and children, siblings or friends, husband and wife or lovers.

Physical separation can lead to a serious understanding of the values of the other person and it will help to appreciate the qualities in him or her. It becomes a happy and satisfying rumination for you. It is here that communication helps to bridge the gap between the persons. If communication is lessened for whatever reasons, doubts and assumptions get substituted, leading to a crack in the relationship. These days it should not be an issue as communication has become very easy and inexpensive due to modern and advanced technology. In spite of this people may not find time to enquire about the well-being of their loved ones in their busy schedule which often becomes disturbing and results in scarred relationships.

This does not mean that you should be always together for growth and sustenance.

Having space from your partner now and then is not only good for your relationship — it is good for you. It is natural to need space in a relationship. We have two competing needs that collide in a relationship: the need to be individuals and the need to be in a relationship or connection with another human being - to be ourselves and to belong. Both nourish and feed each other. When we're supported by partners, we feel safer and comfortable. And when we're ourselves and have our individual needs met, we derive satisfaction from independence.

Nothing can keep a relationship feeling fresh and desirous more than a little time spent apart, whether it’s a day or a whole month. This will also help in assessing the values of the other to appreciate or keep the other at arm’s length.

We will be able to identify the true worth of individuals as we get time and space for a throwback session. It is always good as we need not live on assumptions.

Distance from unloved ones can be a blessing in disguise. It provides an opportunity for personal growth, emotional healing, and the chance to create a more positive and fulfilling environment. Being away from those who bring negativity or toxicity into our lives allows us to regain our peace of mind and focus on nurturing relationships that truly matter. It can lead to a greater sense of self-worth and self-love as we learn to prioritize our well-being. In such cases, distance can indeed be a boon, offering the freedom to build a life filled with love, positivity, and personal happiness.

Most of us might have experienced both aspects of the proverb – being close to our loved ones and also away from them and this must have helped in recognizing persons who will stand for you in prosperity or adversity. In good times all would be with you, but it is in bad times that you truly know who your best friend is.

Some relationships grow weaker with the passage of time whereas some become bolder and stronger. It is these strong ones which motivate you to move forward in life.

Some relationships under the same roof may yearn to be distant to feel better which is not possible whereas some others crave to be closer when they are distant but are unable to get closer.

There are certain relationships that linger on with you forever and cannot be broken for varied reasons – individual or family. And there are certain other relationships though separated by distance are held close to heart. So, it’s actually not the physical distance but the distance in heart that has to be taken into consideration to evaluate the concept.

Leave weak relationships as they may fill in negativity in life and push you into rejections, dejections, and depressions which take a long time to retrieve your old happy self. Try to get attached to people who spread happy vibes and make you smile/laugh for life is meant to be happy. Test people before getting attached to them or else it would really cost your precious life.

Different people have different views on this on account of their experiences in life.

“Distance makes the heart grow fonder” is true or not, depends on the genuineness of relationships.