DO NOT BREAK VALUABLE RELATIONSHIPS – with family members or with friends

“That's what people do who love you. They put their arms around you and love you when you're not so lovable.”― Deb Caletti

Alphy Johnson

9/30/20232 min read

It is very easy to break relationships that have taken years to build up because of some kind of misunderstanding in which you did not try to find out the truth directly from the person concerned rather than listening to some other person, even if it is from your closest friend or some kind of assumptions that you have woven up for your convenience to put the other person down.

Do you not think that the person with whom you are breaking free, deserves a hearing or a chance to be heard or to make his stand clear? If you are doing it then you are fair in what you are doing. If you are not, then you are not justified in your decision-making.

Why are you doing this? - to insult the other person and create a feeling that he has done something seriously wrong?

Why do you want to prove that you are correct and the other is wrong? Is it not your false pride or ego that is making you do it? Not only this, you do not acknowledge or accept the efforts that person takes to remove the misunderstanding created or even offer a word of praise to him for going that extra mile to make you happy while others whom you think are closer to you do not bother to make you feel wanted or happy. What happens then is what you want to happen!

He moves away heavy-hearted, with tears in his eyes. Initially, there may be sleepless nights and empty days but later he learns to accept your attitude and move forward in life. The crack is already there in his heart but it can still be mended…if you want…

Even when you say that what you did was right and the other is wrong and it is better to sever the relationship, don’t you also regret that it has resulted in this? If you don’t have that feeling I should say that you are very strong and brave… only if your stand is correct. And if you regret it, patch up with the person before it becomes too late for you to do for tomorrow is uncertain … certain with uncertainties.

Make decisions in life that you will not regret later because sometimes we are blinded by the hard-core realities of life, not realizing or accepting the truth. If you do not give a fair treat to life, life will teach you different lessons till you learn the truth.

Preserving valuable relationships should be a priority for they are the bedrock of the emotional support system. Kindly keep in mind the following:

· Valuable relationships are like fragile glass; once shattered they are never the same again

· The time and effort invested in nurturing such relationships make them worth protecting.

· Breaking such a relationship often leads to regrets that linger for a long time and they bring loss and emptiness in life.

· Such bonds are a source of comfort during life’s trials and tribulations.

· They are strong bridges to connect with people.

· Words spoken in anger can inflict wounds that are hard to heal.

· Choose open and honest communication to resolve issues rather than resorting to breaking ties.

· Preserving valuable relationships amounts to emotional maturity.

· Explore compromises and solutions for no valued relationship should be lost.

· Such relationships would gel and grow better in the future than in the past.

· Both would try to give their best to each other never to hurt each other’s feelings.

· When angry try to stay silent, for it is always better not to worsen the situation. Keeping silent is not a sign of weakness rather it is a sign of strength.