"Resiliency, not perfection, is the signature of greatness." --- James C. Collins.

Alphy Johnson

8/24/20233 min read

"Resiliency, not perfection, is the signature of greatness." ---James C. Collins.

The use of signature is a tradition that is thousands of years old and is still in use for personal or legal purposes. A signature is the identity of a person as it speaks about the character, nature, attitude, and other personality traits like level of confidence, emotional stability, social skills, etc. Thus, it can rightly be said that the manner in which you sign your name can tell a lot about your personality traits effectively.

Signature analysis is largely dependent on certain factors like

· Size of your signature: The size tells whether the writer wants to be noticed or unnoticed. Large size signature means that you are craving to get noticed, are highly confident, and highly bold. A medium-sized signature means they simply fit in, and one with a small size refers to the person’s lack of desire to get noticed.

· Direction: An upward signature signifies that you are motivated, happy, optimistic, successful, and satisfied with whatever is happening in life and the direction of growth is always upward. A downward signature reflects confusion, lack of determination, and pessimistic behavior.

· Use of first and last name: If your first name in the signature is easy to read, then you are a friendly, easy to approach, and direct person having a moderately sorted personal life. If the last name in your signature is more eligible then, you are clearer about your professional life than your personal life.

· Illegible signature: If the letters in your signature are illegible, it means that your mind is quick, scrawled letters do not mean that you are rude. They are quick to move from one project to another.

· Signature underline: A signature with a single underline reflects that the individual has a set of principles that they try to follow. They also have particular goals in their lives. They are very determined and also would like to be appreciated and recognized for their effort. People who use more than one underline often get confused between their goals and direction in life. They sometimes lack patience in their drive.

· Size of letters: If the size of alphabets in the signature is slightly bigger than the size of the alphabets in your handwriting, it means that you have great social confidence. Contrary to if the size of the letters is smaller, it means that you lack social confidence and can get nervous.

· The use of dots: The dot on i or j in your signature reveals a lot about your personality. The creative dot on i or j indicates that you would like to stand out in the crowd but if the dot is like a small line, it means you are irritated with yourself or others. If the dot is forgotten, it means that you do not pay attention to small details in life. If the dot is placed far and much higher, it means that you are dreamy and unrealistic. You are not interested in revealing yourself if your signature is totally different from your handwriting.

· Signature slant: People with an upward slant in their signature are always optimistic and focused on their future. Those with a downward slant are pessimistic and may be facing failures in life.

· Difference between initials and signature: A signature is meant to identify you whereas initials are letters used as markings. A signature is a handwritten representation of all or a major portion of one’s name whereas initials are the first letters of one’s name.

· Types of signatures: Traditional signature is signing with pen or pencil and is a valid signature for legal purposes. Electronic signature has become popular with technological advancements. It is inserting an image or digital representation of a handwritten signature. Digital signatures are used by businesses for security purposes as they utilize encryption technology to verify the authenticity of a document and prevent tampering.

"Everyone is here on earth as an artist; to tell his particular story or sing her irreplaceable song; to leave a unique creative signature." --- Leonard Wolf.