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Extraordinary Result In Anything | The One Thing Animated Book Summary

Extraordinary Result In Anything.

Extraordinary Result In Anything
Get Extraordinary Result In Anything

Extraordinary Result In Anything

Get Extraordinary Result In Anything

Hello Friends,

There was a time when I wanted to become a magician, Because it was so cool to see the magic, and the reaction of people towards it was pretty awesome,

So I started learning the magic tricks, Through Youtube Tutorials, a Few months later, There was a fest in my college, 

and it had a dance competition, After watching them, I was so attracted towards dancing, so I decided to become a dancer, 

and started learning that too, Later on, I have seen a man doing beatboxing It was Impressive to me, so I decided that I will surely learn to beatbox, 

I started learning that too, Similarly, I have started learning a lot of things, but not completely, I started learning things but not completely, 

As a result, I have become an average person or less than that, In pursuit of everything, I could not do anything, 

I was a jack of all but master of none, After reading THE ONE THING BOOK, I have realized How wrong my perception was towards Learning,

Like me, most people make the same mistake, We usually do not work hard or put our entire focus towards that one goal, 

But instead, we try to do more than one work together, This is the main reason for not becoming an extraordinary person in any field or in any area, 

If you all observe, then you will know How successful people became successful, Because they focused only on one goal,

And they work towards it with all their efforts and kept working on the same until they become successful,


That one aim for Sachin Tendulkar was cricket, For Warren Buffet it was Investing, For Mohammad Ali it was Boxing,

And for Ronaldo it was  football, Today we all know Warren Buffet as the most successful investor in the world, 

Because along with investing, He didn’t think of becoming an Actor, or a footballer like Ronaldo, or boxer like Mohammad Ali, 

But he only focused on one goal and worked hard to achieve that one thing, which made him as one of the richest men, 

Similarly, even if you want an extraordinary result, Then keep your focus on one goal, not on many goals,

Most of the people have Broad focus, They try to do as many things as possible, or they try to focus on may things, 

Through which their focus gets divided, and they do not get any result, To get effective result, 

the most  important thing is to keep your focus as narrow as you can,


If Sunlight comes on a paper, by its normal broad focus, Nothing will happen, But, if it comes through a magnifying glass, and focuses only on one point,

then it will burn the paper, Keeping a narrow focus also means to avoid focusing on things which are less important,

And to only concentrate on the things which are Important, Remember, if you try to catch two rabbits together, You won’t catch any,

Multi-Tasking is a Lie, A Human Can Do Multi-Tasking is a Myth, Multi-Tasking word has been derived From Computer, 

where one task has switched another task  so quickly and faster than we feel computers are doing two work together, 

But even they are not doing Multi-Tasking, Even you cannot do two work together effectively, If you say that I talk while walking, 

and I do both the task perfectly, So I have done Multi-Tasking, But it’s not like that;

Because when you start doing two work together then your brain keep one of the work as foreground work,

In which you have the Maximum concentration, And keep the other work for background, to which you don’t have much focus,


If you are talking on your phone while walking in the garden, Then your maximum focus will be on the conversation, 

that task will become your foreground work, But, if you are asked to cross the road while talking, 

If you love your life then surely you will focus on crossing the road instead of talking, Will Power is Limited, Related to Will Power, 

and There is a concept by Gerry Keller, Which tells us our Will Power is like a Battery, 

Which is full at the beginning of the day, but it drained out till night, 

Often it happens with all of us, we make a lot of plans And think of finishing those work before we go to sleep,

For example, I will wake up early in the morning, Than I will do meditation, then Exercise than other important work,

and in the evening I will learn guitar, and at night will work on my business idea, But on next day till night, These task does not get over,

Mostly at the beginning of the day, we can work with full energy, and can perform the task properly, 

because at the start our will power is at its peak, But as time passes we couldn’t work properly,

Because at that time our will power is getting drained, Even if we try to finish our work, it won’t be performed properly, Hence,

You should finish your most important work in the morning at start To get the effective most effective result, and not to leave that work for the night,

Now a question may occur, For you what will be the most important work, which must be finished first in the morning, 

To answer this question, you need to yourself two questions, These two questions are crucial for your success, Which you must ask yourself,


What is your ONE THING? which is your one thing, which you wanted to do and always will do?


What is the ONE THING, if you will do now, will make the other things easy or unnecessary, that one thing which will help you to complete your goal,

Remember these questions very carefully, Because the entire ONE THING BOOK is written on this concept, 

Keller tells us not to think about completing the bigger goals, Here, he is not saying, not to think big, Instead, 

think about your and to finish them first, Most of the people focus on yearly goals, monthly goals, weekly goals or daily goals,

But for them, the best thing is to be more focused on their present Goals,(NOW GOALS)

which will help you to complete your daily goal, what you can do now? which can help you by making your monthly and weekly goals easier,

what you can do Now? which can help you to complete your yearly goals, And just try to finish the now goals,

Here Author says, The goals which you have is like a Domino, If you all happen to know, A small size Domino can drop above 50% larger size dominoes.

Hence, if you take 2 inches domino, then you continue keeping dominoes 50% larger size compare to the previous,

Then the 23rd domino will be the size of Eiffel tower, And the 57th domino will be so big,

That it will cover the distance between the earth and the moon, so theoretically,

If you all can arrange dominoes like this, then with the help of 2-inch domino, you can bring down the bigger domino,

which is so big, that can cover the distance between the moon and the earth, Suppose, this last domino is the biggest goal of yours,

so if you try to drop(complete)that goal directly, it won’t fall(get completed) so, that’s why you need to manage your dominoes,

means you need to set all your goals, monthly, weekly, yearly such a way that if you work on your new goal, it should create a Domino effect,

and helps you to complete your goals one by one, and finally helps you to achieve your biggest and the hardest goal,

success is a sequence not simultaneous, which means you will get success on step basis means step by step, by not getting everything at once,

So, if you want to become a billionaire, then first you need to make a goal of becoming a Multi-Millionaire, 

And even before thinking of becoming multimillionaire, you need to complete a goal of becoming a Millionaire, 

And this is the Right Way of Achieving the long-lasting success,

Hence, to complete these goals, you need to give at least 4 hours a day to A Thing which is of utmost Important For You,

Suppose, that one thing for you is playing chess, so you need to keep 4 hours a day for it, but it’s not necessary that you need to keep that 4 hours practicing chess,

but to understand more about it, getting information related to it and to discuss and learn more about it from others, will be counted,

These concepts I have shared with you all is from the ONE THING book, by GERRY KELLER, He is a Co-Founder of Keller Williams Realty Company,

Which is the No.1 Residential Real Estate Company, Do like the Article, if you find these concepts useful, 

Do comment your views, share this article with your friends and family.

Extraordinary Result In Anything

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Extraordinary Result In Anything

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Extraordinary Result In Anything

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