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How Successful People Think And Act

How successful people think and act.

How successful people think and act
How successful people think and act

How successful people think and act

Hello Friends,

when Tony was 11 years old, his family’s financial condition was very poor.

Many times they did not even get food A day when there was Thanks Giving Festival, at that time as well, they were facing financial problems.

Because of which, they were not able to celebrate that festival Because of this reason Tony was very upset, and the argument was going between his parent,

Then suddenly his house doorbell rang, And when Tony Opened the door, An unknown man was  standing having a bag with him, full of food

Because of Thank giving happiness and celebration, he handed over that bag to tony and goes from there.

Now, this Gift did not make any difference to the financial condition of his home, but looking at This Random Act of Kindness, Tony felt very good happy, was touched by this kindness.

And he realized that even, Unknown people can Be Very Helpful. In fact, this incident has impacted so much on him, 

That at that very moment he decided That I will Become Rich For sure and will help others, and he never forgets his decision.

And if we talk about today, About the present scenario, Tony Robbins is a very successful Businessman, and a Public speaker and also a Philanthropist

who feed food to more than 4 million people every year, during a holiday. And provides fresh and pure water to more than 1 lakh people in India who do not get.

And do much social work for others. Now I am telling you all this, To make you Realise How becoming Rich and successful can be beneficial for you and also for others.

Many people have a negative mindset about getting rich, they feel that people always get rich by doing the wrong things.

Or Doing Wrong things make them rich and because of such reasons becoming rich is not good.

But the actual reality is, being a good rich person will not only improve your life happiness but also improve other’s life.

And if you are watching this video, Then is it’s your responsibility to become Rich and help yourself and others as much as you can, to make this world a much better place to live.

So by covering This Topic, The book summary which I am going to give you today, Is the Science of Getting Rich By Wallis wattles.

This is a great book, which Explains to us, Many useful and Important Principles of getting Rich and Successful in a very mysterious way.

However, Almost Every Person Think and Dream Of Becoming Rich and Successful, And to get Respect by achieving many such things in life

But sadly many people cannot fulfill their dreams in real life. In fact, very few People are Able to achieve something Huge in their lives. 

But why it is like this, what’s the reason for this Why it is like this, people study in the same school, equally intelligent, live in the same Environment, do same work and things,

but one person becomes rich and the other person sticks to the problems and remains poor and stressed.

For this Author says, People who become Rich Do Things in a Particular and specific way. Do it in a Certain way

which isn’t done by most people and becoming in a certain way is the most important reason for their success.

Many Principles come under this certain way, which I will explain to you by dividing it into two categories

The first category which comes is Thinking In a Certain way, which helps you to understand How rich people think and even you must think that way.

And the other category is Acting in a certain way, meaning helping you to work in some specific way, to take action which will help you to become rich.

So at first, we will talk about thinking related Principles, and the first one is…

1) Competitive to Creative mind. 

Uber is one of the Biggest Company, whose service is in 58 countries, and its value is more than 60 Billion dollars.

Uber able to get this Amazing result, Because Uber’s Founder Travis did not Focus on Competition, 

instead of using his creative brain and getting inspired he altogether created a new industry.

Like never before,

For Uber’s business idea, it wasn’t necessary for a person to be smart or intelligent, instead there was a need for a creative brain.

Because Drivers were already driving a taxi, and on the other hand the passengers were already using it,

However most of the people are of Competitive mindset, Hence they all have opened many different taxi agencies and services, but nobody has ever thought of the problem.

How difficult it can be of not getting the taxi on time, Nobody thought of an app, by which the customer can call the taxi immediately, which cans ave their time and even drivers can get the passenger easily

Which was thought by Travis And he made that thing that idea possible, Because of which he is the CEO of a billion-dollar company.

I this world you can earn money in many ways, and trust me you can earn a lot of money but for that, the very first thing you have to do stops being competitive and start thinking creatively.

Since Childhood our family this society teaches us to be competitive, at school in terms of marks, grades then later for the job and similarly for everything we become competitive.

Because of which our creative thinking gets low slowly and gradually, by which we do not see the simplest and the brilliant opportunities.

which always has been right in front of our eyes, which can make us rich easily, hence always think creative, don’t be competitive be creative do something creative.

no.2) Practice Gratitude.

Oprah Winfrey a Billionaire has said something about Gratitude, which I liked a lot, she said, 3 dollars which you have in your pocket if you start feeling good about it. 

If you feel gratitude towards that 3 dollars. Then that 3 dollars will become 5,10,20 dollars soon and very easily.

Instead Of thinking and feeling sad about, why I don’t have 50 dollars, And not only this but focusing on that negativity and feeling sad about it.

This Attitude can take away the things from you which you already have.

There is so much power to stay happy and not to stay negative, our religion also teaches us the same thing.

and many scientific studies conclude that feeling of gratitude can improve us mentally as well as financially.

Always talk bad and evil about your life, telling people how difficult life is, and having competitive thinking, all these things make us, scarcity mentality person which means,

which means, such a person who has thinking if he gets then I will not get. This is not at all good for us.

Hence if you want to achieve a lot in your life, then become an abundance mentality person.

Feel practice Gratitude, because the Reality is, in this world, there is an abundance of things for you, the only need is to feel gratitude about it, and to have an abundance mentality.

No.3) Mental Image

In this Principle, the author asks us to form a crystal clear image of our goals, because most of the time, or not always the reason behind a person not getting successful.

or not becoming rich is, they do not know what exactly their goal is

they don’t know what exactly they want in their life, and how will they able to make it done or make it possible.

Hence Here the author suggests to always think about your goals, and not only think about it but also to make a plan about it.

that how you will achieve it and make it possible, maintain a book, and write it down about your goals and its plan.

Warren Buffet Friend as well as Partner Charlie Munger, Said the reason why warren buffet has got so much success.

because no one thought about the success more than him, Hence even if you want to become rich then always think about your goals.

These were the Principles related to Thinking, Now let’s talk about the second category, where we will talk about a certain way of Action which makes people successful

The very first Principle which comes under the Second category is.

1) The use-value.

Suppose I have an Expensive Painting of a very famous painter, and if I sell it in a big city,  I can get a lot of money from it,

Now if I go to the snowy place, and I meet an Eskimo in that village, and at that time I was in a need of money, so by my selling influencing skill

I sell that painting to that Eskimo at a lesser price(few thousand rupees) and go from there happily.

What do you feel, do my action was correct, what I did was right?

No, it’s not, because, for that Person(Eskimo)That painting was of no use, He can’t do anything useful with that painting.

Not that painting will add any value of his life, but instead of selling that painting if I would have sold a gun to, that would have been a valuable deal for both of us.

Not only for me. He would have used that gun for hunting purposes, by which he would have got animal fur for wearing purpose, 

and purchasing that gun would have added some value in his life, this is the most important thing to move ahead in life.

Hence always take an action which not only benefits yourself but also for others.

Your service and product must add value to the other person’s life, not only makes money for you, and when you learn to take such actions in your life trust me you will become very rich.

2) Acting to Receive the reward.

Suppose there is a man who wants to travel from Mumbai to Delhi and has to go anyhow. Now as he wants to go fast, and wanted to Delhi as soon as possible,

So what he does is, the entire day he thinks Different ways of going to Delhi with a positive attitude, he spends his entire day just by thinking

So what do you think, just by thinking will he be able to reach  Delhi? Obviously not, just by thinking and making a plan, he can’t reach Delhi,

He has to take an Action to reach there, The first thing he has to do, is to move out of the house and after moving out of the house, he can take the train, flight or can go by walking

or he can try many options but for this, the very first thing he has to do is taking an Action.

Now you must be thinking why I am sharing such a simple and common logic Example so the reason is, this simple and common logic thin is the most important thing to fulfill the dreams.

Because Positive Attitude and mentality will Only Bring Opportunities to you, but to grab that opportunity you have to take action.

Then only you will be able to become rich and successful, Many people watch nice videos, and after watching it they think a lot,

and make a plan but after making plans they fail to execute, they fail to take action, and what happened, their dreams don’t get fulfilled and later they think, Staying Positive is Good for nothing. Etc.

The Most Important thing is, Talking is the cheapest thing which can be done by anyone, but the difficult part is to achieve,

Because for achieving something Requires to Know as Action, Have to work hard and smart for it, after doing all this, Person Becomes successful.

Watching Video is easy after watching it making plans is also easy, But to execute that plan and to take action for that plan is difficult.

And this lack of action becomes the most important reason for someone’s failure.and this makes them an average person, and not able to do something huge in life

Hence,Start taking action, At least start taking small actions, and do remember this statement And make it stick to Your brain NO ACTION WILL GIVE NO RESULT.

3) Being Effective every day with every work,

Working Effectively means, specifically Working on things which will give us results not just utilizes time,

Example: A few days before, Water Purifier Promotion was going Outside my house, while going out my attention was gone to that promotion.

No doubt Promoters were Standing at that promotional stand Entire day and was also giving their time, But the problem was they were not doing their work properly or can say they were not effective,

And I can say it so confidently because I had spoken to them, and after talking to them the thing which I have realized that they were not interested in selling products or doing promotion.

But the only thing they wanted was, that the working time gets over and they can go home as soon as possible.

Now think instead of thinking about the time getting over if they would have worked effectively with all their hard work, so much of benefit they would have got,

At that same amount of time, their skill of selling things would have improved, they would have learned so many new things about selling and promotion which would have benefitted them in their life.

but no they had not thought about this, and this is not only about them, but this also is about us as well,

most of us don’t do our work effectively we just take work as a burden and want to finish it as soon as possible, and this is the reason why most of the people don’t become rich.

If you want success in your life, so no matter how boring and difficult the work is, do it with full efforts, and with effectiveness,

This thing will make you disciplined and will increase your skills and will bring new opportunities to you, and will do many such useful things in your life,

Hence make every day Effective, in fact, make your every work effective, Because such actions will give you success and will also make you rich.

How successful people think and act

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How successful people think and act

How successful people think and act

How successful people think and act

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How successful people think and act

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How successful people think and act

How successful people think and act

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