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How To Get Your Dream Life Within Year

How to get dream Life Motivational Story

How to get dream Life Motivational Story
How to get dream Life Motivational Story

How to get dream Life Motivational Story

Imagine, you’ve got a lover named Oliver who decides that regardless of what it takes he

will transform his UNHEALTHY body into a healthy, 

And amazing body similar to his favorite he goes on Google all excited and starts searching for the BEST POSSIBLE WAY to achieve that.

the three top links suggest him 3 different ways.

the 1st link tells him to do what MOST PEOPLE DO, take membership in a gym for A year on discount price, 

And start working with their trainer who probably won’t be MUCH INTERESTED in his DREAM. 

Whose half job of TRAINING YOU will be done by your FRIENDS working out with you and

just hope you will ACHIEVE that body before that dream dies.

The 2nd link tells him to learn ALL BY HIMSELF by researching and working hard which would cost him much more TIME, 

MONEY and sacrifices and also an equivalent result won’t be guaranteed.

And FINALLY, the 3rd link is of his favorite bodybuilder which tells Oliver to learn EVERYTHING

that is required to be done to achieve a body like his OWN from HIMSELF for a price may be less than that of the normal gym and the results will be 100% guaranteed.

Which option should he choose?

1st of all let me clear that the considered 3rd option is genuine, so as you are smart enough you will say he should choose option 3.

As it will offer the BEST POSSIBLE RESULTS if he just stays committed.

NOW, if I give you this type of situation and options in YOUR life regarding various aspects of your life. you will surely take option 3 right ??

Wrong. in reality, we do the opposite. You and I Don’t want to die early, because of bad health or diseases,

we want healthiness, We don’t want to measure a coffee standard life, we’d like wealth, We don’t need a life with no love and respect.

We want love, We don’t want sadness and depression…we want a HAPPY LIFE

We need these FOUR PILLARS of our life very strong but most of us still take the 1st and

2nd options without even thinking about 3rd option.

Now I m not saying these are completely wrong methods but they have some problems.

consider the 1st option of doing what most people are doing people.

eg studying hard for years just to get a job which you won’t like but keep on doing FOR the rest of your LIFE so that you can earn some money.

Or taking advice from people who are not experts or hugely successful themselves.. there is

a quote related to this which says that 

“Too many people give up on their dreams listening to people who gave up on theirs” 

Believe me, doing these things won’t help you achieve anything great in your life.

Now if you want to stay AVERAGE like a middle-class person frustrated with daily problems then it’s cool, 

But if you have bigger dreams like becoming a millionaire then you might need to think again and find some better goals.

Taking the 2nd option can make things worse.

E.g. After getting frustrated from job people save money, take loans, start a business and

try everything themselves hoping that this would end their struggle. 

now This approach can give serious damage. You would have to work much harder than that previous job. 

With much more stress. Costing you your energy time and happiness for that business and.

even the odds of success are very slim with this option. 

Remember 8 out of 10 businesses fail in just 18 months. And with time..the failing number

just goes on increasing.

Fast-forwarding to 10 years only 4 businesses keep on surviving out of 100. now with luck, if you are consistent

and giving your everything to the business you might even become a millionaire at some point in your life, 

But till that time you probably would get old and won’t have much energy left to enjoy that success.

our basic aim should be to have a good life with the 4 pillars strong but with this approach u

will have to sacrifice your health love and

happiness just for wealth which surely is not at all good for you and for everyone you care about.

If you would like to urge all the success that you simply surely deserve in your life alongside the 4 pillars strong then you ought to definitely

take option 3 ..learn from the one that is already living your dream life in consideration

of health wealth love or happiness(pause) then take action.

e.g. if you won’t make a lot of money in (real estate) and you know a person who has made millions himself from MAYBE 25 year of experience and knowledge

In a real estate business. then you’ll get that knowledge from him within years which is that the fastest way possible to find out and achieve.

AS he has already gone through the process and knows the best way to reach them easily. These people will be your (mentors).

If you probably did not what I said then just shop around and research. all the good and successful people that ever lived on this planet had mentors, 

Bill gates warren buffet, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and therefore the list can just continue. 

all of them had mentors to show them and therefore the results were so huge that they need to be changed the planet.

Mentors with their knowledge can save you many years of hardship and failure to get your dream life while you are still young. 

we have a very limited amount of time so we should use it wisely and avoid unnecessary pain of losing hopes and dreams.

You can choose what quite a life you would like to measure within the future. 

e.g. if you would like to become Billionaire learn from Sam Walton the self-made billionaire and therefore the founding father of Wal-Mart, 

The number 1 company in revenue today..if you want happiness to learn from Dalai lama. Now it’s possible to learn from different people. 

Just pick the highest ones in each aspect of life and learn from them. Because you can’t just find all the answers by one person.

It is REALLY simple but nobody thinks like that we are busy doing and following what most of the people do and are surely unsatisfied with our life(pause) like most people are.

Remember if you would like to realize something great you’ve got to “stand out from the crowd”

one way of doing so is by opening your brain and gaining knowledge from mentors.

you may be thinking now how am I able to get that knowledge and secrets from these successful people or the simplest in their field. 

Why would they even tell me.?? Yes, they’re going to tell but are you willing to find out ?? There are

many ways by which you’ll learn from mentors.

one way to learn is from their books which they have written themselves or by someone who knew them very well.

Now many of you will be like “Books”?? What no way I hate books. Ya I know even I hated it. 

But once I started reading I came to understand that its the simplest thing ever that I started doing in my life. do u want a good relationship? 

Do you want to create a successful business ? do u need a happy life then read books.

The main reason for reading is getting knowledge and tricks from some of the best

people of the planet and use it to realize our dreams.

Above 93 percent of successful people (read) mostly for self-improvement and knowledge

while the poor and unsuccessful never try to improve. 

They think they already know everything and just need some luck to achieve success.

Once when the richest people of the world Bill gates and warren buffet were asked if they got a chance what kind of superpower they would like to have.

both of said the facility to read super fast. This proves how important it’s to realize knowledge for them even now.

How to get dream Life Motivational Story

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How to get dream Life Motivational Story

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How to get dream Life Motivational Story

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