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How To Stop Bad Habits? | 4 Simple Steps To Get Rid Of All Bad Habits

How To Stop Bad Habits? Get Rid of all bad habit .

How To Stop Bad Habits? Get Rid of all bad habit
How To Stop Bad Habits? Get Rid of all bad habit

Hello Friends…!!!

Everyone can easily develop good habits in their life but what about “BAD HABITS”?

Especially those bad habits which we practice daily and which is effecting badly in our life

there is no doubt that every one of us have at least one bad habit.

like eating more junk food, smoking, drinking, watching porn videos daily, nail-biting, sleeping more, etc

and frankly speaking, we daily try to stop all these bad habits

but in reality, we have become so much addicted to all these bad habits that we are not able to get rid of it.

So today I will share with you 4 simple steps with the help of which you can stop any bad habits.

but before that, it is very important to know how bad habits are formed and what are the various reasons behind its formation

So Let’s Begin…

Along with us, other people also have to face various problems because of our bad habits and people also get to know about our weakness because of our bad habits


People do smoking or drinking especially when they are in stress or thinking about some problems.

People do nail-biting when they feel nervous and the most common one, you eat more junk food when you feel sad or lonely,

and the interesting thing is we practice all such activities number of times just to hide our weakness

and when you practice such activities daily repeatedly, they start getting converted into bad habits

so the first reason for bad habits formation is “DAILY REPETITION”

the second main reason for the development of bad habits is “POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT”

you may find this word very attractive but in reality, it is very dangerous for you whenever you practice any bad habit activity for the first time

at that time your brain releases “Dopamine” in you because of which you will feel very nice after practicing that bad habit for the first time

and then that Dopamine generate Positive Reinforcement in you so that you practice those activities again and again and as I have told in the first reason 

when you practice that activities daily repeatedly its starts get converting into bad habits.

one more reason is there because of which we easily develop any bad habit and that is our Adaptive Nature

If we feel good or get some benefit because of any change or activity, we immediately adopt it

and interesting thing is that because of this adaptive nature only we can stop any bad habits and can replace it with not so bad habits

So now I will tell you 4 simple steps with the help of which you can stop and avoid any bad habits of your life

So Let’s start with the first step


Basically there are two types of bad habits first one is that which affect our health like sleeping for long, nail-biting, masturbating daily, etc

and the second one is that which affect our financial condition along with our health like smoking, drinking, eating junk foods, etc

and you believe it or not but we all have both of these types of habits and many time we don’t know about it also

that’s why before knowing how to stop bad habits, firstly it is important to know what types of bad habits we have. and the best method for this is “WRITING”

you just have to take a sheet of paper and have to write in it about all those activities which are becoming bad habits for you

and trust me, you will be shocked to see the number of bad habits that you are practicing in your life

once you have completed writing all the bad habits in that paper than you have to select that one bad habit

which need to be stopped immediately and then according to that you have to follow the remaining step


after completion of the first step. the second important step is to identify the TRIGGER now here I am not talking about the trigger of a gun

here the trigger which I am talking about is related to your Bad Habits

actually here trigger means that condition or situation which give rise to the development of bad habits

Like for example

people do nail-biting when they feel too much nervous for something Like Students do nail-biting when they are not prepared for any exam or test

you do more smoking or drinking when you have stress or tension of some work

you wake up late in the morning because you keep on completing your pending work till midnight

and to fulfill unwanted evening hunger, you eat lots of junk foods

now this exam tension, stress, pending work, and unwanted hunger are different forms of triggers

and hence we develop different bad habits just to fulfill these triggers

so if you want to stop your bad habits then first you have to stop the triggers which develop these bad habits


as I have said in the previous step that if you want to stop your bad habits then first you have to stop its triggers

and the best way to do this is “SUBSTITUTION”

basically you can’t stop any habits, but you can break it and replace it with not so bad habits

so if you want to stop your bad habits then you have to replace it with some better habits

Like for example

you have to prepare for studies before the exam only so that you don’t bite your nails by getting nervous

and if you want to eat something after getting nervous then eat raw vegetables like carrot and radish instead of nails

which will give benefit to your health also Do Gym and Meditation instead of smoking and drinking in order to reduce your stress

manage your time properly and make a proper work schedule so that you can complete your work on time

and you don’t have to remain awake till midnight avoid big meals and instead of that have small meals after every 2 hours

so that you can avoid junk food to satisfy your unwanted hunger now it may be possible to adapt all this substitution, you might take some time

but as I said earlier, with the help of daily repetition you can easily substitute your all bad habits with these better habits


if you will take all efforts on your own to stop all bad habits then you will that but it might take a lot of time

so if want to get rid of from all bad habits quickly then you have to make your army for this purpose

nowhere the term “ARMY” doesn’t mean that you have to appoint soldiers for yourself here the term “ARMY” indicates your family and friends

you spend most of your time with your family and friends only and they are the one who knows you very well

Hence you have to give them a Rights that they can stop you and interrupt you if you are practicing any bad habit

and at the same time you have to obey their orders as well then only they will help you in this process with full interest

and the benefit of doing this is that you will start avoiding all your bad habits

because you will be alert all the time that your family and friends are observing you

So to conclude…

this is the 4 simple steps which can stop all your bad habits only if you will practice all this step daily and you will follow this step more easily only when you will prepare your brain for this

so you have to mentally prepare your brain and yourself that you will stop all the bad habits of your life

and instead of that, you will develop more good habits.


Last but not Least…


How To Stop Bad Habits? Get Rid of all bad habit

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How To Stop Bad Habits? Get Rid of all bad habit

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