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Less Choice Vs More Choice | The Paradox Of Choice Summary

Less Choice vs More Choice

Less Choice vs More Choice
Less Choice vs More Choice

Less Choice vs More Choice

Less Choice vs More Choice

Hello friends…

Some months before only I wanted to buy a smartphone and I have set in my mind that I will buy a particular brand smartphone only.

But when I visited the mobile shop the shopkeeper have shown me various brand mobile phones in the same budget.

Due to which I was confused to decide which smartphone I should purchase

After thinking about an hour I purchased a mobile phone of a different brand because it has some additional features which impressed me a lot.

But after someday, I realize that additional features are not of much use and my phone was also not working as per my expectation,

At that time I became sad and started thinking that I wish that I would have purchased that phone only which I have decided earlier.

My one hour at the shop would have not been wasted and maybe today I would have been happy with my phone.

The author called such a situation  as “PARADOX OF CHOICE” more choices make our situation paralyzed  instead of making it better

We actually don’t understand what we have to choose And after thinking so much and wasting a lot of time.

Either we take a wrong decision or skip that situation for some time thinking that we will decide it later,

Actually if we more choices and options we are more unhappy and sad with our decisions


The author likes to wear normal and basic style jeans That’s why initially whenever he used to go shop to buy jeans.

He just has to tell the size of jeans to the shopkeeper and he easily used to get the jeans of his choice which satisfies his need

But now, whenever author goes to the shop and tells his size for jeans then shopkeeper gives him multiple options,

Like crash jeans, torn jeans, narrow bottom jeans, etc

if the author asks for color than it also has multiple options like ink blue, sky blue, navy blue, etc

Because of this author used to face paralysis like situation and gets confused that which jeans he should buy

And many time he would buy a jeans which doesn’t satisfy his needs.

Therefore if we have fewer choices then we satisfy our needs more and are also happy with our decisions.

If you are doing any type of business then let me tell you that situation like paradox of choice can actually increase your sale.


In a food exhibition 2 jams bottles samples were kept for sale first sample contains 24 different variety of flavors

and the second sample contains 6 different varieties of flavors.

Obviously most of the peoples try 1st sample because it has more varieties of flavors but when sale result came, it was totally opposite

1st sample did 3% of the sale whereas the 2nd sample did 30% off the sale.

The main reason was that the people who tried 24 flavors were actually confused to decide which flavor they should buy.

On the other hand, the people who tried 6 flavors were clear about their decision. This same technique is used by many restaurant owners to earn more profit

Whenever we go to the restaurant to eat food. we are first provided a menu which contains a various number of dishes name

and we can’t decide which dish we should order, Therefore we call the waiter to ask about special dishes

The waiter tells us 4 to 5 dishes name and most of the time we order one dish from that special dish only.

Now if you are thinking that the restaurant owner adds the most expensive dish in that list then it’s true

You have noticed one thing the special dishes in the hotel are always fixed Whenever you visit that restaurant, you will always find the same dish in that list

The restaurant owner knows that every time when a customer gets confused, they order a dish from a special list only

just to save time and avoid confusion and through this strategy, they earn profit By using the paradox of choice technique

we can improve our life and living style There are two types of people in this world “Maximizer” and “Satisfier”.

Maximizer are those peoples who search for more options in everything

Whereas satisfier are those peoples who selects the thing for the satisfaction of their need and expectation in order to save their time

I am not telling you to be either maximizer or satisfier. Our aim should be to avoid a paralysis situation.

So that our expectation level is not low due to wrong decision

For example

I love watching movies.

Earlier, it was my habit to read 3 to 4 reviews before watching any new movie and many time I get mixed reviews for the same movie.

Because of this, I faced a paralysis situation. My expectation for that movie gets low and I am unable to decide whether I should watch that movie or not

Therefore to avoid a paralysis situation now I don’t read any reviews and I watch the movie which I like and my expectation towards that movie never gets low

and most of the time I am happy and satisfied with my decision This kind of similar techniques is also used by mom at home

Usually, there are lots of items in my fridge for breakfast

So, instead of wasting time and thinking about what to make in breakfast, most of the time, I get the same dish in breakfast

If I am on leave or its a weekend holiday then I get some different dishes in breakfast This technique is actually followed in many people’s houses.

So that instead of wasting time on what to cook our mom utilize that time for different important works

up to conclude, this concept taught us three key lessons

1) Select things which make us satisfied and happy

2) Give less but best options to customer in order to increase your sale

3) Avoid paralysis situation to make life better and to save time

I have told you these things from ‘The Paradox Of Choice’ book.

This book has more principle which helps you to make your life better.

Tell me the situation which makes you paralyzed in comment box

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Less Choice vs More Choice

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Less Choice vs More Choice

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Less Choice vs More Choice

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