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Morning Habits Of Successful People.

Morning Habits of Successful people.

Morning Habits of Successful people
Morning Habits of Successful people

Morning Habits of Successful people

Morning Habits of Successful people

Hello Friends, At the age of 20 Hel Erode has become the Top Salesman of his Company.

Everything was going well, his relationship was going great, the family was happy and even he was happy.

One day when he was returning to his home after giving a speech, He Met with an Accident.

A Drunk Man with 70 kmph speed Hit Harold car because of which he faced such a huge and dangerous Accident, His Leg was broken, Lung Punctured and was going through many severe injuries.

He almost died for 6 minutes at the accident place. But Immediately Paramedic came and Revived him and taken to the hospital.

He was under Coma for 6 days. Doctors Informed Hal That his Brain is permanently Damaged and he will never able to walk in his entire life. After knowing this fact, he was shocked and also very sad.

But he had LEARN One Thing From his Mentor, Thinking of any Negative Result that we can not change, And having negative thought while thinking is very obvious and is correct.

But only for 5 minutes not more than that, Meaning whenever anything Bad happens with you,

literally set a timer for 5 minutes and think as much bad as you can, be angry, be sad, cry, shout…BUT AFTER THAT 5 MINUTES MOVE ON…


Because as an Intelligent person, wasting more than 5 minutes on any situation which we can never change, will This negative situation will not do anything good in your life, instead, it will make your life more worst and more negative.

Hence Move on in Life with Positivity, And this was the Thing which Hal Had Remember Even at that time.

He applied this same Rule in Life, He stopped Getting Worried and accepted that situation.

That’s Fine, Only Two Things can Happen Now, Either I will never able to walk again as Doctors have said,

And If this Happens Then too, I will be the Happiest person to walk with wheelchairs, Or Either I will Proof Doctors Wrong and will start walking again.

After Deciding These Two Things, He stopped taking tension and stress, He stopped thinking about negative things.

He started feeling happy and started talking happily just like before in that same situation.

Looking at him Doctors thought maybe Hal is not Being able to Accept his situation or he is in deep shock But the actual reality was different.

The Result of Living with so much happiness and of positive attitude was that he started Recovering Quickly,

So fast that even Doctors were in shock, and just after 3 weeks, He proved Doctors wrong and started walking.

All this, Everything came on Track, Everything was normal, Hal was happy in his life, he was much more confident than before.

After which He had created many records in sales, Earned a lot of Money, started his own business, got married, bought his own house and everything was going great

But Again, There was a big Problem In his, In 2007 there was an Economy Crash due to which his business was at stake.

And started facing losses, He was going through the worst phase of his life.

Hal(Author) says this was the worst phase of his life. Because at that time, the worst more than the worst things were happening in his life.

He was getting Poor day by day, was getting bankrupt. And didn’t understand what he must do to save his and his family’s life

So at that point in time, His wife advised him, to go and meet one of his friends and get some suggestions from him.

That friend of him was very Rich and was Doing Very well in his life even in that bad situation of crisis.

So Hal went to meet him to get some advice. Hal Explained his entire Situation to his friend and told him how much trouble he is facing.

And asked him some business Tips, to make it better. His friend told Hal, at this time you don’t need Business Advice, instead you need to Two things.

First: Every morning get up early and do morning Exercise and Secondly after Exercise, Read Self help books(self-improvement book)

Hal wasn’t happy with this Advice and he goes from there.

Since he wasn’t Understanding anything, Hence He thought of trying those tips, Even Eben Pagan the mentor of Hal told him once.

That having a Morning Ritual, like after getting up in the morning and doing particular(specific )good things daily and making that thing your habit,

is the single most impactful thing in your life which helps you to become successful. Coz a person, who wins the morning, wins the Entire day.

A great morning forms a Ritual mind and a body on the basis of which our entire day becomes great and goes great.

Hence the Author Decided, he will not only exercise or read a Self-improvement book But also find out all those things, 

the best things which are done by almost every successful person for self/personality development.

And things which they do to move ahead in life. and will form a ritual of it and follow it always, every day.

After doing a lot of research he found out 6 most important and common habits, which are done and followed by almost every successful person.

Hence these 6 habits were equally very important, so the author started following it by making it a Ritual.

When he started following it, the Author was under the debt of 50000 Dollars, he was about to lose his house, and was unhealthy and sad.

But after starting the Ritual(6 habits) just after 2 months He Doubled his income, he saved his house and also become fit after some time and also ran for the ULTRA MARATHON, 

Yes, the person who wasn’t supposed to walk as per Doctors Ran for an ultra marathon. and became a happy person

All this happened so quickly that even Author was shocked Because of this, He named the book Miracle Morning Because All this for him was nothing less Than a Miracle.

So today will share those 6 habits, which even you must follow after getting up early in the morning by making it your Ritual.

To Remember it nicely and properly Author has Formed Acronym For it which is Known as SAVERS.

From which S stands For or can say the First Habit is.


Here Silence Means As per Author is Meditation or Prayer,

Most of People Immediately after getting up in the morning start taking tension and stress for a lot of things.

some take tension by reading a newspaper some check out their Facebook etc.

But successful People Don’t do all of this, They usually after getting up in the morning goes in a silent mode,

Doing Meditation, yoga, or prayer. which helps to keep their brain calm and gives them a great start.

and also make their brain ready for its Peak Performance,

The first author used to think that meditation is something spiritual, which has no connection related to success.

But later doing Research and reading about successful people he came to know that meditation has helped many unsuccessful people to move ahead in their life.

In Fact, A billionaire Ray Dalio, Manager of Hegde Fund has said that meditation is the most important and the first key for his Financial success.

Not Only he But many CEOs Gives Credit to meditation for making their brain perform at peak, and also for maintaining discipline.

so a very first thing is to practice silence.

2) A stands For Affirmation.

Affirmation is a very powerful technique that is used by Successful people.

Affirmation is nothing but a positive statement that we say to ourselves again and again so that it gets stuck to our subconscious mind.

To which our brain Thinks is true and forms in the same way in reality as well.

For example: If continuously you say to yourself that I am a confident person, so it will slowly get stuck to your mind and once it gets fixed in your subconscious mind, 

then in reality as well you will start becoming a confident person.

3) V stands for Visualisation.

Even this is a very powerful technique, which is somewhat similar to Affirmation.

In Affirmation you make something stuck your subconscious mind by saying it again again,

Whereas in Visualisation, you use your imagination, think about the things you want in Reality, and form its images in the brain.

For example: When the author has to go for the practice of marathon, at the start he was having many problems.

But later he started Visualising, just before 1 hour of practice, that he is going for a jogging wearing his shoes and while jogging he has a smile on his face and feeling really very great.

after visualizing, going for marathon practice becomes very easy for the author.

Similarly, for many things, even you can use your Visualisation.

4) E stands for Exercise.

Doing Early morning Exercise has many Scientific benefits.

Exercise gives more oxygen to your brain, Your brain releases Endorphin, it clears your thinking, helps you to feel better.

your energy level goes up for the entire day. and similarly many different benefits you get through Exercise

And for all these benefits the author is not telling you to go to the gym and do exercise.

But you can get all this benefit just by doing a few minute Exercise early in the morning.

In fact, 1 min Jumping jack can increase your energy and helps you to clear your thoughts, energy, awareness 10 times better.

5) R stands for Reading

As per Author, Reading Doesn’t mean to read love stories or novels, but it means to read books which help you to grow and develop.

Examples: Reading Self help books.the summary of which I gave, in all my videos.

Books help you to improve your intelligence, knowledge and also helps you to improve yourself.

My entire channel is Formed on the basis of reading books. So very obvious this is a very important habit.

6) S stands for Scribing.

As per Author Scribing means Writing. To write things.

Writing your Dreams about your Goals etc, there is something unique and different about writing.

which is very powerful, which helps you to convert your dreams into reality.

Richard Brandson a billionaire says,

The best thing which has helped me to become a billionaire and which even you can do is to carry a book and a pen with you always.

Whenever you get any though or an idea or any knowledge or anything important write it down. This simple thing can help you a lot in your life.

Even I personally write many Different specific things in a book, which has helped me a lot in moving ahead in life, and helped me to stay happy in my life.

Hence Even you form a Habit of writing and everyday Remove at least some time to write and the book is far better than a mobile, so try to maintain a Book.

Eliminating old bad habits is more important than forming a new one, so now you can do that?

Morning Habits of Successful people

Morning Habits of Successful people

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Morning Habits of Successful people

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Morning Habits of Successful people

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