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Motivational Story for CORONA (COVID 19) | Control Your Mind

CORONA motivational Story

CORONA motivational Story
Motivational Story for CORONA

Motivational Story For COVID – 19

We have been hearing since childhood that our Mind Is very powerful. If we get our mind under control then it is possible to do anything.

We use only 10% of our mind and we also have many things Have heard of. But these are just things or they also have some facts.

It has always been an esoteric secret for humans and that time about it Time has been questioned.

Finding answers to some similar questions that many people have tried.

Today we will talk about two such incidents which will help us to know How powerful our mind really is and what it can do.

The first incident is from 1985.

Doctor Herbert Benson who was a cardiologist at Harvard medical school. 

He arrived at a Tibetan monastery in the Himalayas with his team where many Buddhist monks had been practicing meditation for years.

Having practiced for years in a row, he had become efficient that only his thoughts Could change the internal state of his body through.

They were also affected by outside conditions And see this Dr. Benson came here.

At night, Buddhists started meditation by sitting under the open sky in their normal robes did.

The snow was falling from the sky. A normal person could not even think of getting out in such a low robe.

But the monks sat comfortably laid. Shortly after starting, Doctor Benson noticed. That

Becher’s body started sweating But this is nothing.

This was followed by a cloth on the head of the begging the other monks doing meditation

Coldwater started pouring.

But the body of those monks was now so hot that as soon as water was poured Immediately that water would steam and fly away.

The body of those Buddhist monks is now a burning one. The furnace was built

The surprise of Doctor Benson and his team was no place. These monks just control the internal environment of your body with your thoughts Were staying. The incident was also videotape.

The second event is of second world war

Henry Beecher who was an American surgeon serving in the second world war, wounded soldiers in Ladai

He underwent surgery and healer for which he needed Morphin. Is a pain-killer Once their Morphin stock is over And the wounded soldiers were moaning in pain

Which needed to be treated immediately. 

Dr. Did not understand what to do because if without Morphin Of surgery If the soldiers had gone, the cardio-vascular attack could also come.

That’s when their nurse filled saline injection which is simple saltwater Was and started telling the soldiers Morphin

Surprisingly, this was the injection The soldiers stopped moaning. His pain ended just as morphine did.

This is followed by doctor henry Beecher whenever Morphin stock ends They use the saline injection and treat soldiers

He later mentioned the incident in one of his research papers Which was published in 1955 in the journal of the medical association

Both of these events reveal our mind power. When an idea is deeply rooted in our mind If part of, then its result starts appearing outside.

The body follows that idea as true. No matter what the circumstances are outside, 

how many such Examples are that people are more serious than just on the strength of their faith Incurable Healed from diseases.

And how many such examples are that people ended up because of their faith When he had no disease.

One of the great philosophers and scientist Rene Descarte of the 18th century I think that’s why I am. He said something similar to Mahatma

That is everything in our mind We become as we think.

Both of these quotes reveal the power of our minds and thoughts.

The fear of corona is overshadowed in all your world. But do you think our mind can beat the corona?

This is what we know more than one mind today about mind It seems that yes it is possible our mind is capable of doing this.

Here are some ways to stay positive and cheerful.

Be busy. Have a daily schedule. Help in performing some of the work at home.

Distract yourself from negative emotions by taking note of music, reading, warching an entertaining program on television.

If you had old hobbies like painting, gardening, or stitching, return to them. Rediscover your hobbies.

Eat well and drink many fluids. Be physically active. Do simple indoor exercises that will keep you fit and feeling-fit. 

Sharing is caring. Understand if someone around you needs advice.

How are you able to protect Yourself from COVID-19(CORONA)?

a) Practice Social Distancing

– Avoid gatherings like meals, hats, gatherings in religious places, social functions, etc.

– Maintain a secure distance of a minimum of one Metre between you and people when publicly places, especially if they’re having symptoms like cough, fever, etc. to avoid direct droplet contact.

– occupy home the maximum amount as possible.

– Avoid physical contacts like handshakes, hand-holding or hugs.

– Avoid touching surfaces like tabletops, chairs, door handles, etc.

b) Practice good hygiene

– While coughing or sneezing cover your nose and mouth with a handkerchief. Wash the handkerchief a minimum of daily

– it’s preferable to cough/sneeze into your bent elbow instead of your palms.

– don’t Spit or shout publicly places to avoid the spread of droplets.

– don’t touch your eyes, nose, and mouth with unclean hands.

– make sure that the surfaces and objects are regularly cleaned.

CORONA motivational Story

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motivational Story for Corona

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CORONA motivational Story

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