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Mukesh ambani Motivational Story .

Mukesh ambani Motivational Story
Mukesh Ambani Motivational Story

Mukesh Ambani Motivational Story

 Mukesh Ambani, Is the Richest person in Asia On July 10th Mukesh Ambani Overtook Warren Buffet To become the 8th richest person on the planet.

 Within a week, on 14th July Mukesh Ambani Overtook Elon Musk and Google founders And climbed up to the 6th spot Emerging as One among the top 10 richest people.

 What are the success secrets of Mukesh Ambani? 

And what role did Jio play in this success? 

Similar to the 4g Will Ambani bring a 5g revolution in India? What are Mukesh Ambani’s future strategies? 

To know the answer read till the end And Let’s get started Mukesh Ambani is the elder son of Dhirubhai Ambani.

 He completed his graduation in Chemical engineering And went to Stanford for MBA.

 And then A PFY factory was established by Dhirubhai Ambani And to take care of this Mukesh Ambani returned to India, leaving his MBA. 

That is the first step of Mukesh Ambani into business After that, Under his leadership Reliance was established firmly in many sectors Importantly, 

Worlds largest Petroleum refinery located in Jamnagar, Gujarat was established by reliance under Mukesh Ambani’s leadership in 2010.

Itself, Reliance started refining 30 Million tonnes of petrol this itself defines the scale of that refinery. 

And under this, Many chain companies of reliance were established like Petrochemical, power generation, etc. 

After Mukesh and his brother Anil parted away These petroleum-related companies Were under the control of Mukesh Ambani.

And the profits earned were Invested by Ambani in various other sectors And developed his business empire. 

This strategy also helped a lot In expanding his empire which helped him succeed When Ambani brothers parted away. 

They have made a Non-Compete Clause (NCC) Agreement NCC in simple terms means that one shouldn’t enter the business field that the other is in But,

Anil Ambani wasn’t able to handle reliance telecommunications And Anil was in huge losses by then.

 So Mukesh Ambani Under Reliance Jio industries limited entered the telecommunications sector.

 And this is a turning point in the Indian telecom sector. 

Jio’s commercial launch happened on 5th September 2016. 

Jio created a revolution in the telecommunications sector Within one month of its launch Jio earned 16 million subscribers.

Jio is the fastest to earn so many subscribers And within 83 days of its launch, Jio earned 50 million subscribers. 

It took 12 years for Airtel to reach 50 million subscribers *Vodafone* Idea reached that mark in 13 years. 

This is enough to understand the success of Jio And in 2017 As per the report of the Internet and mobile association of India Between 2016 and 2017 50 million Indians got access to internet for the first time. 

Jio created such a huge revolution in India, Lets have a look at The strategy of Mukesh Ambani behind Jio’s success. 

The main difference between Jio and other mobile networks is Jio’s optical fibre network. 

Optical fibre in simple terms is It converts our data into the form of light and is sent through the optical fibre.

This achieves faster data transfer speeds Jio has an optical fibre network of 2,50,000 Kilometres. 

and there are 90,000 is eco-friendly towers due to this 4G coverage is more to establish such a high-end network capacity. 

Mukesh Ambani invested 1,50,000 crores in jio And this is two times of What Airtel, Vodafone and idea have invested in total Mukesh Ambani has invested so much amount into Jio. 

This is why Jio is advanced than other companies Mukesh Ambani through Jio Has given users more facilities at a lesser cost than competitors. 

Many of such calculated risks were taken by Mukesh Ambani. 

He also made sure that The process of transferring from other mobile network to Jio is easy With many such strategies. 

Mukesh Ambani dominated the Indian mobile network sector And here the point to observe is that Jio has earned crores of good customers. 

In the Jio users Even if 60% of members use a 1GB per month plan. 

Ambani will be able to earn back his investment within 3 years And also Jio’s 4g optical fiber network is future proof. 

This can be scaled up to 5g or 6g in the future.

 Jio was started by Mukesh Ambani with such a futuristic vision And let’s have a look at the impact jio created on the economy and citizens of India. 

Before Jio was launched Out of 1 billion mobile users in India only 34% had access to the internet And among them, only 12% had access to 3g data. 

And after Jio was launched Most of the people in India are able to use internet facilities And when it comes to telecom sector revenue With Jio providing more facilities at less cost. 

All other companies had to face a huge pressure And to survive in the market, They had no option but to decrease the prices. 

This resulted in collapsing of the revenues of those companies. 

They have even filed cases on Jio Jio and have contributed a lot to Indian GDP Leading the digital India campaign With a goal that everyone must have access to the internet. 

And to provide everyone with such facilities Jio was led by Mukesh Ambani, 

And as a part of this Ambani decided to invite strategic partners into Jio And with this World’s largest semiconductor chip manufacturing company Intel invested 1,894 crores in Jio and acquired a share of 0.39%. 

Also, Facebook invested 5.7 Billion USD in Jio and acquired a share of 9.99% With Facebook investing in Jio Whatsapp and Jio mart will be able to collaborate To extend their services to many more stated Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. 

And as a part of these investments, Google invested 33,737 crore INR in Jio and acquired a share of 7.7% With the help of Google’s technology Jio can develop its security systems. 

They can even research future technologies said Mukesh Ambani And by bringing in several valuable investments Mukesh Ambani made Jio a debt-free company. 

He went onto becoming world 6th richest person Recently in the 43rd Annual general meeting of Reliance. 

Ambani made some major announcements He revealed that Jio has developed 5g network solutions And this was completely done in India. 

And now India doesn’t need to depend on any other country for 5g After government permission is approved for the 5g spectrum. 

Jio will start its trails Once this succeeds in India Jio will also be exporting the 5g services to other countries. 

And due to several security reasons, Many countries have banned Huawei in 5g development.

 But Jio was certified as a clean network by USA secretary of state too. 

Jio is also working with Google to develop a smartphone With an aim that quality smartphones must be available to everyone at reasonable rates. 

Jio mart which is currently in 20 cities will soon be expanded all across the nation And with Jio TV+ platform All the OTT platforms can be accessed at once from a single app, 

In addition, Jio glass This is a mixed reality headset through which Holographic video calls can be made this helps to enhance the interactive experience. 

Jio meets A video calling app that was also announced in the meeting many other important announcements were made by Ambani. 

Comment down your opinion about these announcements, More importantly, Jio is following the athmanirbhar Bharat campaign Make in India will be promoted by Jio said, Mukesh Ambani. 

So from all of this, we can understand that Intelligent business strategies, Calculated risks, played a key role in Ambani’s growth Investing the profits in other sectors Helped a lot in expanding his empire. 

Which is also one of his success secrets. That’s all for today’s people.

Mukesh ambani Motivational Story

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Mukesh ambani Motivational Story

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Mukesh ambani Motivational Story

Mukesh ambani Motivational Story

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Mukesh ambani Motivational Story

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