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Shah Rukh Khan Motivational Story | Success Story | Motivational Story

Shah Rukh Khan Motivational Story.

Shah Rukh Khan Motivational Story
Shah Rukh Khan Motivational Story

Shah Rukh Khan Motivational Story

The world called him King Khan. Everyone saluted this Badshah Khan.. ..who is affectionately addressed as SRK.

Shah rukh Khan was born on 2nd November 1965.. New Delhi.

Shah rukh Khan spent 5 years of his childhood.. his grandpa’s in Mangalore.

Here his grandpa Iftikar Ahmed used to work.. a chief engineer.

Later Shah rukh grew up in Gautam Nagar, Delhi.

He got admitted in Delhi’s famous school St. Columbus.

Shah rukh was okay in studies but he was great in sports.

He studied at Hansraj College of.. ..Delhi University for the batch of 1985-88.

Here he earned his bachelor’s degree in economics.

He would spend most of his time there in.. ..the Delhi Theater Action Group or TAG.

At that time Barry John was his theater director.

He played a lot of hockey in Hansraj college.

And after graduation he went to.. ..Jamia Millia Islamia University.. ..where he was doing his course in mass communication.

But he left the course in the middle and started acting.

Interestingly in his childhood Shah Rukh would often.. ..go to the rehearsals happening at the National School of Drama.

Since his father was a vendor for NSD.

His father passed away in 1981 because of cancer.

And then his sister Shahnaz Lalarukh.. ..went under heavy depression.

Shah Rukh was sorry that his parents didn’t see his success.

And even I will pray that everything is good for this year.

Shah Rukh Khan played his first role in TV serial ‘Dil Dariya’.

After that colonel Kapoor’sserial ‘Fauzi’ came.. ..where he played Abhimanyu Ray.

In TV itself everyone surmised that this boy is unique.

And after that Shah Rukh Khan did several TV serials.

After that, he received a call from Hema Malini.. ..who was making film’Dil Aashna Hai’ at that time.

And then he enjoyed working in the film.

‘Dil Aashna Hai’,’Deewana’, ‘Raju Ban Gaya gentleman.’ All 3 films had proven that he is a good romantic star.

I think it is been a great time.

I came during a time when romance, love, niceness.. ..and goodness was prevalent in the 90s.

And after that came ‘Baazigar’ was.. ..Shah Rukh played a villain instead of a hero.

He lost his role as a hero and won the role of a villain.

This film with Kajol and Shilpa Shetty was a success.

His film ‘Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa’ was also released.

No one can forget the dialogue, I love you, Kiran.

When I started 20years ago it was enough.. have food, a home, a car, take care of my children.. ..and to support their education.

Shah Rukh Khan is not from a film family.

And Shah Rukh proved that talent is not dependent on family.

I would suggest to everyone before going in and dreaming.. .. belief in reality.

Post that, go ahead and fulfill your dreams.

Shah Rukh Khan also did some peculiar films like.. ..’Maya Memsaab’ and ‘Hey Raam’.

In ‘DDLJ’ and ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’.. ..Shahrukh had reached an impossible height.. ..which nobody can reach now.

I think I entered the film industry at a very good time.

And it’s been 20-22 years now.. ..which is one-fifth of the years the film industry has existed.

I feel very happy, proud, and thrilled to be part of films.. a point in time where a lot of change is happening.

In his personal life, we find that.. ..he got married to Gauri Chibber. She is a Punjabi Hindu. Everything is very good. I like it with her. 

They got married on 25th October 1991. They had a long affair of 6 years. And after their marriage, they had a son Aryan in 1997. 

Daughter Suhana in 2000. And in 2013 he had another son called Abram. My first concern is to keep my children healthy. 

And that they are successful in whatever they choose. 

Shah Rukh was one such actor of the film industry who became famous and also invested money in several businesses foremost being.. ..the Kolkata Knight Riders of the IPL. 

Yes, it’s been a great journey. And with the grace of God.. ..till as long as people want to watch me, I’ll keep working. 

Shah Rukh Khan is not called the king of romance.. ..King Khan and Badshah Khan without a reason. 

Every film by Shah Rukh Khan makes a deep impression. My dream is to do something strange. ..and new in my field in which I am an expert. 

SRK has made new rules of success. And now Shah Rukh has reached such a height.. ..that it is impossible to compete with him.

Shah Rukh Khan Motivational Story

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Shah Rukh Khan Motivational Story

Shah Rukh Khan Motivational Story

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Shah Rukh Khan Motivational Story

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