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Godrej Success Story .

Godrej Success Story
Godrej Success Story

Godrej Success Story

“24 September 2014″This was the day when India created history. India’s satellite, Mangalyaan, after travelling 298-days in space entered Mars orbit.

Vikas engine used in this epic mission was jointly made by this company. 

Not only that, the launch vehicle and orbiter for India’s 1st mission to the moon was also jointly developed by the same Group. 

Godrej’s voyage of Godrej Group towards the stars was started by one man. Ardeshir Godrej is said, 

No great success was ever achieved without failure.

Ardeshir Godrej

Ardeshir Godrej faced too many failures. 

He was an unsuccessful lawyer, later he started manufacturing surgical equipment, but failed. 

He even worked as an assistant in a pharmacy store but left that too. 

But sometimes you just need that one chance to succeed. 

One day Ardeshir Godrej read a newspaper article, it stated that police commissioner of Mumbai had called for better security of homes & offices, due to rise of burglary incidents. 

After reading the article Ardeshir decided that he will try and make the best lock. 

He learned all about locks, took loan and 1897 in a tiny shed in Central Mumbai, the 29-year-old started manufacturing anchor brand locks. 

Now, 122 years after that beginning, Godrej Group has grown into a multi-billion dollar conglomerate. 

Today more than 600 million people across the world, use at least one Godrej product every day. Not only that, but the group is also one of India’s biggest private landowner. 

In Mumbai alone, which has India’s most expensive real estate, the group’s landholding is estimated to be around 2500 to 3500 acres. 

That is close to 1000 cricket grounds. So without any further delay, let’s sit back and travel 4 continents to see the massive business empire of the Godrej Group. 

They will start their Journey in North America and reach the United States. 

Here the group owns one of the leading hair care companies, Strength of Nature, and operates a manufacturing plant in Savanah, Georgia. 

Meanwhile, Godrej Aerospace is a supplier for major American companies like Boeing. 

Moving to South America in Chile Here Godrej owns the leading hair-coloring brands like Illicit and operates a manufacturing facility in Santiago. 

Moreover, the group also owns the famous makeup brand, Pamela Grant, and a Hair Removal brand. 

Moving to Argentina, where the company owns the best-selling hair color brand, Issue; 

one of Argentina’s oldest hair spray brand, ROBY; other popular hair care brands like 919, Issue Professional, and also owns one of the leading sunscreen brands. 

From Argentina, let’s move to Africa, and in vibrant South Africa. 

Here the group owns, South Africa’s leading ethnic hair care brands Inecto, Hair Colour brand Renew, Hair extension brand Frika, 

and also owns Darling Group, the number one hair extensions company in 14 African countries and manufactures all across Africa including Mozambique. 

From Mozambique, we will move to Nigeria. Here the group owns one of Nigeria’s oldest dedicated soaps, Tura, 

and has also manufactured one of the World’s tallest Regeneration units for an Oil Refinery in Nigeria. 

From Africa, we will move to Asia and arrive in Oman. In the picturesque port city of Sohar. 

Here the group jointly owns a furniture company, Godrej & Khimji and also operates a large manufacturing facility in the city. 

Moreover, the Godrej group is also the second-largest household insecticide company in Asia and is the market leader in Indonesia with brands like Hit and Cap Gajah. 

In Indonesia Here 15 million Indonesian households use at least one of the brands of Godrej group, every day. 

Here the group owns major brands like one of the highest selling air freshener in Indonesia, Stella; 

a Car care brand Carrera, a Baby care products brand Mitu, a hair color company NYU and also own popular home care brands like Proclin and Polytex. 

From Indonesia to move to Bangladesh, here the group jointly owns one of the biggest cattle feed companies in Bangladesh and also operates a 70 acres poultry farm in Panchagarh. 

Moreover, the group’s Good knight mosquito control brand is also popular in Bangladesh. 

Moving to Sri Lanka, here the group owns popular hair color brand Abha, a popular shoe polish company Shock and one of Sri Lanka’s leading pocket fragrance brand Aer. 

Now in India Godrej is, India’s largest hair color company, India’s most selling mosquito repellent company; 

the second largest soap company with famous brands like Cinthol and Godrej No. 1 and they also own India’s largest furniture company, 

that also manufactures one of the oldest & iconic steel cabinet brand, Godrej Storewel. 

Moreover, the Godrej group is also one of India’s largest Home Appliances Company that makes everything from washing machines, air conditioners, and microwave to India’s first smallest coller. 

Moreover, Godrej also owns a Chemicals company, a Construction company, a Dairy Products company, a Storage Solutions provider, and also manufactures vending Machines, Batteries, lift trucks, CCTV’s and even bank vaults. 

The group is also India’s largest oil palm developer, India’s biggest Animal feeds company, and also operates India’s biggest publicly listed real estate company, with current projects across 12 cities in India. 

Not only that, the group even manufacture air frames for missile systems and has recently purchased the iconic RK Studio in Mumbai, where many classic films like Shree 420 and Mera Naam Joker were produced. 

Godrej has not only created a massive business empire, but 23% of the Godrej group’s promoter shares are held by a charitable trust and are spent on social causes that include School, Charitable hospital, and providing treatment for poor kids. 

Moreover, the group is involved in conservation and management of more than 1800 acres of mangrove forests in Mumbai. Which is one of the lifeblood of the crowded maximum city. 

So finally It shows that even one small thing has the potential to change your life. Forever. 

So in the end all in can say, this is Godrej Group’s massive Business Empire. 

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Godrej Success Story

Godrej Success Story

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Godrej Success Story

Godrej Success Story

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Godrej Success Story

Godrej Success Story

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