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Story Of Konosuke Matsushita | Panasonic | Motivational Story

Konosuke Matsushita Motivational Story .

Konosuke Matsushita Motivational Story
Konosuke Matsushita Motivational Story

Konosuke Matsushita Motivational Story

He was born in a small farming village in japan. His family was poor, all of them lived in a small house, with little or no money. 

When he was only 9 (Nine) years old, he left school and began working in a small shop, to support his family. 

He wont to rise up a day, before sunrise clean the shop, run errands & then take care of the youngsters of his employer.

 Some years later, destiny showed him a replacement path. He got employment in an Electricity Company. 

There, he got curious about light bulbs and sockets. nightly, he started learning and experimenting on his own. 

One day, he made an improved version of a light-weight socket, all by himself. He got very excited and showed it to his boss. 

But his boss wasn’t impressed and said such a product will never work. albeit he was rejected, He believed in his idea. 

He wanted to try something, on his own, to start out his own company. He asked his friends, they told him he cannot roll in the hay. 

He cannot leave his permanent job and begin his own company. He has no experience, little or no money, and hardly any education. 

Still, he believed in himself. So when he turned 22, he took an enormous decision, He left his stable job and began his own small manufacturing company. 

He and his wife started manufacturing sockets in their small house. 

They both went door to door selling it but no shop owner was interested, they didn’t get any orders. 

Months have gone by and still, they weren’t ready to sell their product. He sold his furniture, borrowed money, to survive a touch longer. 

Many days he thought I will be able to hand over and return to my job. But within the morning because the sun rises. 

He was out on the streets trying to find orders, surviving for another day. 

Then came a time, he was almost bankrupt. And just when he was closest to abandoning his dream that’s when a miracle, happened in his life. 

Out of nowhere, he got his first major order of 1000 pieces. Now 100 years then major order of 1000 pieces his company, 

now has over 2,50,000 employees, with annual sales of $65 billion. His company’s products are now sold across the planet. 

All this made possible by a person, with no education and no money. All he had was a belief in himself. 

His name is ‘Konosuke Matsushita’. 

The corporate he had started in his small home is now known across the planet as ‘Panasonic’. 

Success isn’t hooked into how educated you’re or what proportion money you’ve got. Success is about believing in yourself. 

So, if you’re also in pursuit of success, just believe yourself, when nobody else does. Survive, when people hand over. 

And just await that miracle. which will change your life. Forever.

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Konosuke Matsushita Motivational Story

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Konosuke Matsushita Motivational Story

Konosuke Matsushita Motivational Story

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Konosuke Matsushita Motivational Story

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