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Talent Vs hard work | Motivational Story

Talent or Hard work Motivational Story Talent or Hard work Motivational Story

Talent or Hard work Motivational Story
Talent Or Hard work

Talent or Hard work Motivational Story

Talent or Hard work Motivational Story

Hello Friends,

I had a friend who used to have a lot of fun during the lectures, he never used to pay attention to what teachers used to teach.

But still whenever the teacher used to ask him questions, 

he has almost answers for every question and he used to perform really very good in his exams especially in mathematics

And because of this everyone used to think that he is a genius where every student used to forcefully try to concentrate on lectures, 

And used to write notes on the other side my friend used to sleep in the lectures therefore everyone used to think of him as a very talented student.

In fact, everybody used to wish to have such a smart and genius brain or mind like him but the actual reality about him was only known by us (by his group of friends).

Usually, people who are on the way to achieve something huge in their lives, they are usually very busy

and they never keep on telling others how he has achieved everything hence even my friend didn’t tell anyone, 

But let me clarify the reason behind his talented mind truth was when every student was busy in playing and in doing time pass after college.

At that time he used to go home and used to study for hours, he used to work hard he used to solve math problems daily.

Where most of the students were thinking that attending lectures and writing notes is what matters a lot.

On the other side, my friend used to do a lot of hard work he used to practice for hours, and this thing of his has made him talented and a genius student in front of everyone.

Michael Angelo who is considered as one of the most talented people in the world he says” 

That if people come to know about my hard work, if they come to know how much hard work I have done to achieve the position where I am today,

then trust me my talent will not seem great or wonderful by the people many people have the misunderstanding that many kids are born talented and some doesn’t have the talent.

Many people think that those who are born talented they become successful easily without putting much effort,

and people who are not born talented they can never achieve anything good in life. well, the author says that such thinking is a MYTH, 

Which you shouldn’t believe because every talented person you ever know was once a normal person.

you have no idea how much hard work that person has done to reach that talent

example, Mozart till now is considered the most talented music composer who has created worlds some great and extraordinary music in his life.

In fact, when he was 17 years old, he had become so great in his work that he started performing in front of the European Royalties, 

And in the age of 21, he created his life first original masterpiece looking to his masterpiece, 

world’s masters were in shock because it was such a great work of his achieving so much in such a small age, 

Hence everyone started considering as a Talent Treasury. and even today people consider me as Talent treasure,

And by looking such examples, people think and believe that yes talent is everything and some are born with talent and 

Mozart is the biggest example and proof of talent but most people have no clue that Mozart able to achieve such unbelievable things in his life just in 21 age.

Because he already had 18 years of practice, yes you heard it right, Mozart started practicing at the age of 3 his father Leopold was a great music teacher,

In fact, He has written a book named ” How to Teach kids Music.” it was a great and a very successful book

In short, Mozart was getting a training since the age of 3 by the world’s best teacher at the age of 3 he started practicing for thousand hours as a result he became the world’s best composure.

but nobody saw his hard work, everybody said that how a genius kid as achieves so much at just 21 age.

Everybody paid attention only to how at just 21 age Mozart has created a masterpiece, everybody linked his achievements with talent, 

everyone said he was born talented no one paid attention towards his hard work practices and efforts,

No one paid attention that he practiced so much he has done so much hard work that his fingers were deformed No only Mozart, 

Pick any high achiever story Whether it’s Tiger Wood, Oprah, Sachin, Bill gates, buffet, etc There is one thing common in their success story and it is hard work

For example, Kobe Bryant who is considered as one of the best NBA players he used to start practicing 3 hours before everyone even when he used to be injured.

Elon musk work 80-100 hours weekly by managing his both companies Tesla and SpaceX

Jeff Bezos, He is one of the richest men in the world,

At the start of amazon he used to work daily for 12 hours without taking a holiday

sometimes, he used to work till 3 am, after so much of his hard work amazon able to become so huge I have already talked about Bill gates before, 

At the start, he used to work so hard that he used to sleep on his keyboard while typing programming

he used to take short naps and used to gain start working why I am sharing all these examples? The reason I am sharing these examples.

So that you remove the negative beliefs or thoughts if you have a little bit too that there are some special and unique people or talented people 

who can only achieve something huge in their lives, and I can’t do it don’t ever think that, You have the capability even you can achieve extraordinary success,

and the only thing you need to do is hard work with smart work Hope you all must have realized now that Hard work is really very important.

and you can beat talent with your hard work and efforts and can achieve a lot but now the question comes, how much efforts you should put in, 

how much hard work you need to do Whether you should sacrifice your entire life and keep on working, how much hard work is needed?

well the best part is, after doing research on great masters and professionals in every field the thing which has come out is, 

that every master and professionals have given at least 10 hours to their work in short in order to become master in your field or in your passion 

or to be professional at your work you need to give 10  hours to your work, you need to practice for 10 hours

Now you must be finding these many hours too much, but you need to remember two very important things

First) Here I am talking about WORLD-CLASS LEVEL

I am not talking about Becoming the most talented person in your area, therefore it is 10 hours, otherwise, it can be less

and if you understand the maths of these 10 k hours then it would be somewhat like this Daily 4 hours in 5 days a week total will be 20 hours

this way you have to work or practice for 50 weeks in a year can include 2 or 3 week holiday

and this way you have to work for 10 years

see time will definitely fly, whether you use it to become master or use to for any other work so why not in coming 10 years you think about becoming a master in any one field

through which you can easily earn money and fame while enjoying your life or because of any reason if you don’t want to become a world-class master in your field

and just wanted to work for 1 hour daily in your field, then for sure within 3 to 4 years

you will become the most talented person around your place in your field

after listening to me, the next question which can arise in your mind can be like most of the people give their maximum time on one field, 

they almost give their 10k hours but still why don’t they become successful, why they don’t become the world-class masters?

for this author says that in order to achieve mastery, spending time working is not only needed 

or right instead you should work for improvement regularly, should practice hard

which is known as Deliberate practice by the author

Example, A Research has been done on a similar type of people they wanted to become a professional violinists

all those people were divided into three groups, the first group was good, the second was better and third was best

all of them invested their 10 years and worked for 51 hours weekly most importantly, all of them given the utmost priority to Practice compare to any other activities

but still the topmost groups the better group and the best group used to give 24 hours weekly whereas the Good group used to give 9 hours weekly for practice

Conclusion of this research was that For doing any task how much time you are giving is important

but the thing which is more important than time is on which activity you are giving your time and how you are Practicing is also very important

because the best group was above the better group by giving the same time because they used to Do Deliberate Practice

that thing was the reason they were above the other two groups See we have three-zone to do any work

First Zone is Comfort Zone, where people don’t work for improvement they work just to complete their task without any interest and focus

then comes Learning Zone here people come who move above their comfort zone and challenge themselves and improve

and this is the zone where People Do Deliberate practice has 4 Components meaning here instead of practicing anything

Here You do specific things because of which your performance improves second usually Deliberate practice is done with teacher or mentor or after learning from them

Third, you have to Repeat all those right things that too with (Fourth) Continuous Feedback

here you don’t need to waste your time, 

by practicing anything which is done by most of the people

in their comfort zone and last is the Panic zone this is the way which is done by most of the people in full enthusiasm and with motivation

example: after watching an inspirational movie or after watching a motivational video

directly on next day person wakes up at 5 am instead of 10 am avoid wasting time and try to work 10 hours a day etc

meaning here person gets so hyper or panic and try to do more than their normal capabilities

now working this way is not wrong but the problem is when we work at panic zone then working regularly in that zone becomes difficult for us

because we don’t have such habit, therefore, most of the time people easily quit the panic zone and then returns to their comfort zone

so always make sure that you stay in the Learning zone and try to improve yourself try to become 10 percent better than your capability

Another most important thing, it will be best to work in the morning or when you fresh because that’s the best way to do Deliberate Practice

Now again another very Important question comes?

Why People Quit So soon?

I had a friend who wanted to become A Dancer hence he started practicing a few weeks he practiced a lot with all his efforts and hard work

but then he suddenly quit dancing, why? because even he had the misconception just like many

Regarding results and hard work

that misconception was, that if he does hard work regularly, then he will daily become good better and best

means he had a linear kind of graph in his mind related to result from time and hard work but the reality is, in the real world you will never see the result in a linear way

in real life results and time graph will be somewhat like this can see on the screen when you start practicing something

at that time you will start improving by giving your efforts and time, you become good

but then you come below your best and even after working hard you will stick to that same level is known as Plateau

now this is the time where most of the people just like my friend Quit

because they start feeling that they are not improving and that thing is maybe not their cup of tea

but the truth is for every individual progress is like this only if we stay patient, if we remain persistent then again rise in talent will come

which will take us to a new level of skill hence always remember while doing hard work and deliberate practice

that your maximum time will go in the Plateau where even after practicing you will not get results

but at that time you shouldn’t be demotivated, you shouldn’t Quit

instead, you should keep on working because when you keep on working you will move to the next level

and will keep on moving until and unless you don’t become the master and don’t achieve the success.

Talent or Hard work Motivational Story

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Talent or Hard work Motivational Story

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Talent or Hard work Motivational Story Talent or Hard work Motivational Story

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