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Thanks Yourself For What You Have | Motivational Story

Thanks Yourself Motivational Story .

Thanks Yourself Motivational Story
Thanks Yourself Motivational Story

Thanks Yourself Motivational Story

There are moments in life where you feel that something is missing.

You look around yourself and see people who appear to have a better life than yours.

You say to yourself: “They are hotter, richer, smarter, luckier, happier than I am.

They have fewer problems and their life seems so much easier than mine…” I don’t have the job, the wife, or the husband I wish I had.

I don’t have the money, the recognition, the health I would like to have.

I assume this has happened to you as well and that you sometimes suffer from it.

You suffer from what you don’t have, from what you have lost, from separations, failures, and regrets.

You suffer from believing you need more You think your life would be better if it was different… On such days, we focus on what’s bothering us, we believe

By doing so, we forget everything we have… our body, the people we love, how lucky we are Indeed we could probably have more.

Indeed there are people who have what we desire.

In the olden days, kings would have spent a fortune to access what we nowadays take for granted, for example just to get the opportunity to use the internet.

So let’s have a look, let’s look around us!

Whether it is the splendor of nature, the beauty of a gaze, or masterpieces created by mankind.

I am not saying that you have to be happy.

I only wish we would remember what we already have at times we forget.

Did you know that when astronauts go to space, rather than looking at other stars?

They turn around to face the Earth and tears stream down their faces as they see humanity coming together as one, without frontiers or borders.

I am telling you this because nearly 50 very serious studies came to the conclusion that the practice of gratitude is one of the most efficient ways to our well-being!

As you’ve probably already noticed, we only seem to realize the value of things once we’ve lost them.

Do we really have to lose something in order to appreciate it?

Imagine that you would all of a sudden lose your eyesight, Imagine you couldn’t hear anymore… How would you feel?

And imagine that a year later you’d get both backs.

Honestly, wouldn’t it be the happiest day of your life ?

… Well, I have great news for you, what you might have lost you do have today.

So let’s put an end to all those lies we dare believe in.

Enough with regret that makes us feel as if it used to be better.

Enough with the comparison that makes us believe it would be better if it was different.

Enough with impatience that makes us believe it will be better later.

Let’s decide to open our eyes and appreciate the magic of life!

Let’s breathe together please… Close your eyes, and let people you love that are already part of your life flash before you.

Take time to see their faces, a familiar facial expression, their eyes, the sound of their voice, you can even think of moments you saw their love for you

in a look, a move, a thoughtful gesture, words… You can see or feel those moments your heart was filled with love at the sight of someone, of a landscape…

See how good it feels to experience this love that’s already inside of you.

You can open your eyes and know that you deserve to be loved exactly how you are, and whether or not you understand it, you too are loved, Realizing

what we have: It’s honoring those who were here for us, it’s honoring the people who have inspired us, the artists, the teachers, the architects, the writers.

It’s honoring all these workers, these engineers, entrepreneurs, employees, all those who put their talents in the service of humanity.

It’s honoring our moments of joy, the times we laughed out loud, or felt deeply connected to someone our victories, our successes, our accomplishments.

F##k all those stories we tell ourselves about being unlucky!

I want to express my deepest gratitude to my parents for giving me life.

To my family and my friends for being here when I needed them.

I am grateful for the magic of life, for the perfection of my body., I am grateful for my eyes that allow me to see such beauty.

I am grateful for my ears to get to enjoy these wonderful pieces of music I am grateful for my hands that I can touch lives and feel the

skin of the person I love I am grateful for my feet, my legs that have been carrying me since the very beginning and allowing me to walk, run and

dance You might not have all of these things but you at least have one.

There are also all these things that seem commonplace but are yet so precious I am grateful for running water, electricity, the roof above my head, clothing… I feel

grateful for these directors and their movies that move us and make us feel alive, To these sportsmen who inspire us and make us want to excel.

We are so blessed to be able to enjoy the talents of so many people.

Thank you to all these strangers who contribute by their presence alone, their job alone to make our lives easier… Today I choose to say Thank you!

I choose to acknowledge how lucky I am to have the life I have I am choosing to honor everything that life has given me since I was born

I decide to live each day as if I had just gotten back the thing that matters the most to me!

What about you? 

If you had 24 hours left to live what would you do? People often answer that they would realize how blessed they are and tell their loved ones how much they are loved. 

So why should we wait for our last day?

 Let’s decide to enjoy life now, to open our hearts and say thank you..right now.…. NOW THANK YOU.!….. Thank you. 

Thanks Yourself Motivational Story

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Thanks Yourself Motivational Story

Thanks Yourself Motivational Story

Thanks Yourself Motivational Story

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Thanks Yourself Motivational Story

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