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The Art of Happiness | Motivational Story | Inspirational Story

Art of Happiness Motivational Story .

Art of Happiness Motivational Story
Art of Happiness Motivational Story

Art of Happiness Motivational Story

In order to be unhappy, we don’t need anything from the outside. All we need to do is to bring unhappy, gloomy, miserable thoughts to ourselves. 

In the same way, in order to be happy, we only need to tweak our attitude. 

One day one man complaining his Lord that his in-laws had come to stay with them and how miserable he was. 

He said,” Lord, I love my wife, but my in-laws, never!” Can you please tell me, how to overcome this gloom? 

Lord said,” Do you have dogs at home?” 

He said,” No.” 

Lord said,” That’s the problem. Why don’t you arrange for a few?” 

He was an obedient devotee, and he went to the market and got three dogs to live at home. 

However, he came back to meet Lord after a week. 

Lord said,” How are you feeling?”

He said,” Lord, those dogs have added to my misery. I’m unhappier than I was. What do I do now?” 

Lord said,” Do you have cats at home?” 

He said, “ No.,” 

Lord said,”  That’s where the problem lies. Arrange for a few cats as well.” Again he obeyed Lord’s instructions. He went to the market and got some cats. 

But he came running to Lord in three days. 

Lord said’” Now what’s the problem?” 

He said,” Lord, the dogs run after the cats, the cats fight with the dogs and my life has become hell. I came to you to learn the art of happiness and you have made me unhappier than before. What kind of lord are you?” 

Lord said,” Do one thing, send away all the dogs and all the cats.” He did that and came back to lord after three days. 

lord said,” Are you happy now?” 

He said,” I am totally peaceful. 

Lord said,” Look, your in-laws are still in your home but you are peaceful.” 

So the peace the contentment, the Bliss is not dependent upon the externals. It is a choice that you make. 

Unhappiness is also not a necessity. It is the way we choose to think. How then should we develop a cheery attitude? 

It is very simple, really! All you need to do is to learn to be grateful for all the blessings that you have received. 

Unfortunately, when we have something, we fail to realize the value of it. Only when it is about to be snatched, do we understand, what a wonderful gift we had got. 

One couple who was living in a small flat and always complaining. 

When they would look at their friends and classmates and big bungalows, they would be discontented, “What has God given to us? We have nothing to be happy about. We are the most miserable people.” 

When something changed suddenly. 

The wife was a housewife and the husband lost his job. They now did not have the ability to pay the mortgage for their flat. The bank was pestering them and had announced,” If you don’t clear the mortgage payment by the coming Saturday, we will close on you.” 

Now they apprehended, they would have to move on to the street.

 When all of a sudden on Saturday morning, the husband got a placement offer from a company along with the advance salary that he had requested for. He was able to retain the house. 

That very house seemed like a blessing to him. The house was the same. 

Earlier, they had been so discontented and now they saw it as a gift of God for which they felt grateful. 

We all have received so many gifts. 

If we start counting them right there we will have a million reasons to be happy. 

So the way of tweaking our attitude to become more joyous and blissful then is to learn to be grateful for all that we have received.

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Art of Happiness Motivational Story

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Art of Happiness Motivational Story

Art of Happiness Motivational Story

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Art of Happiness Motivational Story

Art of Happiness Motivational Story

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