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Mindset Motivational Story .

Mindset Motivational Story
Mindset Motivational Story

Mindset Motivational Story

It’s from 90, the ’70s. A Bharatiya footwear company that was doing well in India. Has the ambition to be a global company. 

This story is about 2 (Two) sales team members of that company! 

Let’s assume their names be “Umeed” and “Andhera”. But Umeed and Andhera got this job from there campus placement. 

They both belong to middle-class families. Studied from the same college, belongs to the same city. 

The only difference is their mindset.  They differ in attitude in every situation. Umeed always sees the positive side of everything! 

He welcomes challenges with a smile despite having a high-pressure sales job. 

And Andhera; he does not feel good about anything. He was full of negativity. He had indignation against life in his mind. 

He wants to achieve many things in a short interval of time. 

But life couldn’t match his pace and he is hopeless now. He was broken! Both of them were working well in the there respective sales territory. 

One day, their boss called them in his cabin and said; you both will glad to you that our company is now international. 

We are expanding and I have selected you both to go to our new territory and to prepare a preliminary feasibility report. 

To check what’s the market situation there. Aren’t you excited guys? Asked the boss! 

Umeed had a big smile on his face. He was thankful that he is selected for this mission. 

As there were many other territory managers who were eligible for this in the company. 

This kind of internal conversation was going in his mind. Regardless of many managers, I am the one who is selected by the boss. 

The boss might have seen something in me! This is a great opportunity! Things are moving in the right direction for me. 

The company is opening an office in Africa. It was my dream to visit Africa, to explore, to do wildlife safaris. This is a wonderful opportunity.  

On the other side, Andhera also had an internal conversation in his mind. “I knew it!” Boss hates me from the very beginning. 

He always had difficult things for me to do. What kind of place boss found to take this company to be an international level. 

Africa! Dust, Mosquitoes, poverty, and then selected me to go there. After a few days, both of them packed there bags and move towards Nigeria. 

One goes with excitement and the other with indignation, complaints. 

After 12 days of this trip, they both had to made a report and telegram it to the company’s headquarters. To check what they think about Nigeria’s market. 

Whether to launch the company’s footwear or not. What’s the scope? 

Both of their telegrams are something like this; Andhera wrote: This trip is a complete waste of time. 

This whole trip is wastage of my time as well as of the company’s. 

The company will fail miserably if we launch here. Because “No one wears shoes in this country.” 

On the other hand, Umeed wrote his telegram something like this; What a wonderful opportunity! 

The company will succeed phenomenally if we launch in this country. Because no one wears shoes yet. 

Our company will definitely succeed in this country if we launch our products here. It’s a great opportunity because no one wears shoes yet here. 

We can sell shoes in the entire country. There is no competition at all. We could be a monopoly supplier. And our cost of production will be far less. 

That is Umeed’s telegraph. 

After coming back to India, Umeed is chosen to be the head of this project. A big promotion. He got a high incentive and relocation plan. 

He was also very happy with his job as he got a new challenge to show something. 

Andhera again got stuck in his old job, with that dull routine, with that complaint with that troubles. 

Friends, one’s life got stuck there and the other’s life just transformed. 

The English word “Transform” is a very interesting means to go beyond form. There is so much change that the former form does not recognize. 

One’s life got stuck there in that situation and the other one’s changed completely. They both go through the same situation. 

With the same resources. Everything was equal. 

Why then the difference? 

The mindset was the only difference. The difference was all about thinking, attitude, and mindset. 

I had read somewhere Opportunity is the same for everyone. That goes up for some and below for some. The only difference is in thinking. 

Pay attention to this thing. That how you live your life? Just like Umeed or like Andhera? 

Just like Andhera, are you overlooking or ignoring your opportunities? Because our outlook determines whether we are seeing the opportunities or challenges. 

And this is our opportunity except for skills, expertise, and everything; to work on our mindset. 

When the mindset of a person is right, he or she will be able to look for opportunities in any challenging situation. 

And in the long run, these are the people who succeed. 

Not because they’ve better degrees or they’ve studied form better schools but their thinking and mindset were different. 

And we all have that opportunity to study our-self and our mind so as to keep our mindset in the right direction so that we can make the best of our life. 

Please keep this in mind, Your mindset is determined by your life sight; whether your life sight is filled with connections or with hurdles. 

Only in one situation; what’s your mindset? What are you looking for? What are your reasons? 

In this story, one gave the reason that shoes can’t be sell as no one wears shoes here. 

The situation is the same but the other gave a different reason that the company will succeed as no one wears shoes here yet. 

Famous Psychologist Carl Jung Said he beautifully: No event has a meaning on its own. We give it meaning. 

By doing so, it depends whether we are going to succeed in that situation or not, that situation will be in our favor or against us.  

That depends upon the meaning of what we are giving. And this power of giving meaning comes to form our mindset and thought process. 

Chinese Philosopher Lao Tzu said it beautifully “If you correct your mind, rest your life will fall into place.” 

If you correct your thinking, your life will be on track. I read somewhere: Eyes operation can be possible but the way you look at things is difficult to do. 

Operation of eys is easy to do but the way you look at things can be changed by practice. Slowly and steadily can be changed! 

We can train our-self by looking at the positive side of things. I would like to share the 2 takeaways with you before closing this story. 

First one: Don’t generalize! This means if something is going bad that doesn’t mean your whole life is a waste, everything is going wrong. 

Once a small incident happens; small events happen with us. A small setback happens with us and we make it a very big issue. 

Something like this, “That my whole life will be like this.” And because we make this announcement, we also get it done unwillingly. 

It’s called self-fulfilling prophecy by psychologists. Self-fulfilling prophecy means someone “Predicting” or expecting something, and this “Prediction” or expectation comes true simply because one believes it will. 

And their resulting behaviors align to fulfill those beliefs. Don’t generalize! If something goes wrong, the boss is angry with you one day that doesn’t mean that the boss dislikes you. 

If you couldn’t perform well in one quarter that doesn’t mean that you’re not a good performer. 

If you couldn’t pass one exam or you couldn’t clear one test that doesn’t mean that you’re not worthy in clearing that particular test. 

Don’t let one setback define you! Don’t let one hurdle, one problem define your entire outlook on life. And the second is on complaining. 

Many times we heard that complaining is so common these days and MRI scans show that if we always find negative things everywhere and complains every time our brain cells rewire and finds negative things everywhere. 

And we can change this by becoming more conscious and more aware. 

Whenever you come to a new situation and your mind tries to find negative things by default than catch yourself in the process. 

Develop this awareness at the time that my thoughts are going in a negative direction. 

Take a deep breath in and you can redirect your thinking because, in complaining, you’re spending your energy. 

If you use that energy in the right way; into action or in finding solutions. 

If you use that energy in the right way; into action or in finding solutions then you can take something good from that situation.

Mindset Motivational Story

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Mindset Motivational Story

Mindset Motivational Story

Mindset Motivational Story

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Mindset Motivational Story

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Mindset Motivational Story

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