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The Myths of the Indian Education System

Myths of the Indian Education System.

Myths of the Indian Education System
Myths of the Indian Education System

Myths of the Indian Education System

Hello Friends

Recently I read an interesting article in a newspaper. It was written that the education quality and education level in the USA.

Is far better than India and maybe because of this only, many Indian students prefer going to the USA for higher education.

But I got shocked after reading a line in that same article it was written that number of colleges in India is more compared to the USA.

Now after reading this line, there is a question in my mind from many days which I want to ask you also

“What is the actual purpose of education?” and especially in India

I also got many interesting answers to this interesting question

For Example

The purpose of education is to get respect in the society if it’s like that, then more education means more respect.

This means if you want to get more respect you should be at least a Ph.D.

Many people believe that purpose of education is to get a good job.

Because if you have a good job, your financial condition will be good, you will get a better life partner, you will have a good family, and like every person, you will enter your children also in that education system

So that this cycle continues. now this both things are correct but these are the benefits of education, not its purpose

every person should become a mastermind in any field is the actual purpose of education because if you are a master in any field

then you will get both job and respect but unfortunately, our education system believe in other things instead of mastery

and that’s why in this article I will talk about 3 belief which is followed more in our education system but practically, this belief is not correct

So Let’s Begin…

Belief No 1: Learn to memorize more and understand less

I remember when I was in 12th standard our class teacher has taught us many formulas and used to tell us to memorize that formula because it’s very important

and then every student in the class including me used to memorize(cramming) that formula.

But at that time I used to think that what is the use of these mathematical formulas in practical life?


every engineering and science student has to memorize derivative and integration formulas and they memorize it also just to score good marks.

Now max to max use of integration and derivative formulas is to derive a new formula

but can you use this formula to buy vegetable or other things from a shopkeeper don’t use it

Because it is possible that the shopkeeper doesn’t understand your formula’s language now the same question arises again


Many students always think and ask Why IIT & IIM students get more packages?

Many people think that different syllabus and different study material is the main reason behind it, which is somewhere also correct

But the most important and main reason is their study pattern IIT & IIM prefer practical knowledge more.

IIT students do some projects after every short period of time. whereas IIM students solve a new case study every day.

They take knowledge from a book but use it in practical life, on the other hand, the average student also take knowledge from books only,

But that knowledge is limited till exam paper only

now that doesn’t mean that IIT & IIM students are smarter than the average student

no..its not like that at all the only difference is that they learn to understand

whereas average students learn to memorize I don’t want to understand the meaning Dubey jii…I will memorize


because by memorizing (cramming) the concept, you might score good marks but your knowledge level will be zero

You will save your’s respect in college 4 years by memorizing the concept, but the next 40 years of your’s life will be hectic for you

but if your concept is clear you will score good marks also and at the same time your knowledge will also increase.

Which you can use it in the practical world also

Belief No. 2: Successful career is only in STEM

Many students are not able to decide during school time that which stream they should choose after passing the SSC exam.

At that time, many people give them the suggestion of “STEM” by saying that select STEM to build a successful career

Relatives, friends, and even parents encourage the student to choose STEM

now you might be thinking what actually STEM is…

“STEM” is an acronym which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths / Medical

whether you believe or not, but its fact that our Indian Education System gives more importance to this stream

Many people have a misconception that if a student completes his education from the SCIENCE stream

then his life will be set… In fact, people have started giving so much importance to STEM education that

If a brilliant student chooses COMMERCE or ARTS after scoring good marks in SSC then they get shocked thinking that why he hasn’t chosen the SCIENCE stream.

But the reality is that the thinking and belief of people related to STEM is not fully correct Every year thousands of student becomes ENGINEER

“My son will be an Engineer…!!!”

But very few successful engineering students are able to build a successful career, on the other hand, there are many people who don’t belong to the STEM stream

but then too they are very successful


WARREN BUFFETT, who is the richest investor in the world, is not from a technical background

J.K. Rowling, author of the “HARRY POTTER” series book who is one of the richest women in the world is a BA graduate.

Education is necessary to become successful in life but a person “Passion” & “Interest” is more important for success,

That’s why it’s not necessary that every student success in STEM only or they should make their career in STEM stream only

Belief No. 3: If your answer is wrong, you will be punished

Once the class teacher asks some question to Alex.

Alex was not knowing the answer to that question, but then too he tried to answer that question but his answer was wrong.

At that time every student in the class was laughing at him and the teacher was also angry with Alex,

She told Alex to write that answer 100 times as punishment. Now due to this punishment,

Alex might learn that answer but this incident has affected him badly because now whenever the teacher asks some questions in the class,

Many time Alex know that answer but then too he doesn’t raise his hands because he has the fear that if his answer is wrong, teacher will punish him again.

The fear of the student is not good for the education system.

I am not telling that teacher should not scold their student if the concept is clear and then to the student is not giving the answer,

then you have the right to scold and shout at him Get out…. Get out of my class…!!!

But if the concept is only not clear, then punishment is not the right choice because the student will never clear their concept due to fear of punishment

and then they will start memorizing (cramming) that concept for the exam So to conclude the main purpose of education is to increase our knowledge and implement it in practical life.

Every student should have an attitude to learning new things daily.

But it is possible only when our education system will encourage more practical knowledge rather than being only theoretical.

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Last but not least…

“Education is not preparation for life, Education is life itself…!!!”

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Myths of the Indian Education System

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Myths of the Indian Education System

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