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Top 5 Habits Of Highly Successful People – You Can Win

Habits of successful people

Habits of successful people
Habits of successful people

Top 5 Habits of successful people

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Socrates was one of the wisest humans in the world once a man came to him and said


Listening to him Socrate remained silent for some time and then he took that man to the river, 

When both of them reached the river, then Socrates put the man’s mouth inside the water with the full force he kept that man’s mouth inside water.

when that man started struggling to breathe,  then Socrates pulled that man’s face out from the water after leaving from water, 

that man becomes very angry and told Socrates what the hell you were doing, I came here to learn not to die for this Socrates replied, 

I wasn’t taking your life, I was actually teaching you the thing which is really important for success, Socrates further said, 

that when you were inside water, the air was the most important thing for you, that’s why you put all your efforts to breathe.

similarly, when you think of getting success as important as breathing, and put all your efforts to get that success.

The way you were putting efforts now, then you will for sure get success winners don’t do something different, they just do the same thing differently

and most of the people fail to do so this different way is the biggest difference which shiv khera is teaching us through his book.

He says that the winner has some special traits and some special qualities which help them to win the game of life.

And if you want to become a winner and want to be successful then you must develop winner habits and qualities in you

Today I will share those winner qualities with you

Quality no. 1 ATTITUDE

When Hitler’s army was surrounded by enemies all around then Hitler’s army one soldier got panicked and came to him and said that we are in trouble,

we are surrounded by enemies from all sides listening to that soldier, Hitler said, this is not trouble instead it’s an opportunity now we can attack.

Our enemies in any direction and can kill them this is a winner attitude, I know that Hitler wasn’t a good person.

But it was Hitler’s attitude which made millions of people his admirer he has such an influence that people used to follow him and his words.

As per Harvard research, 85 percent of reasons for people getting promotions in their job is their Attitude and only 15 percent of job promotions are given on the basis of their knowledge and intelligence.

Your attitude decides how you will handle any situation in the future people who have positive thinking and positive attitude has shown at all times, 

that they can handle the situation more properly and nicely and that positive attitude has helped them to move ahead in life easily. 

another example you must have heard  David and Goliath story. David was a normal body size person who was about to face fight with giant Goliath

At that time people told David that don’t be mad, Goliath is too big to be hit with your slingshot

to this David said, “NO, He is too big to be miss.”

Big body means more chances of me hitting him with a slingshot from a far distance with this attitude, he defeated that giant.

Means different results were seen against the same man with a different attitude.

hence always be a positive attitude person, who always see the glass as half full not as half empty


There was a very religious person, one day storm hits his village when the flow of water increases, 

people of that village starts evacuating that village and even asked that religious man to leave with them but that man refuses to go and says that I have faith in God, 

If he finds me in danger he will save me and ask those village people to leave. 

Flow of water increases more hence group of people in the car come to that religious man to save him

but still, he refuses to go, the flow of water increases so much that people on motorboat come to save him

but still, he refuses to go and says that God will help him so you people go

The water level goes so high that people come with the helicopter to save him, but still he refuses to go and finally, as a result, he gets drowned and dies

After Death, when he goes in front of God, He asked God in Anger

“He says that I believed in you, I had faith in you, why didn’t you save my life? why didn’t you come to save me?  


A similar thing happens with us, many times opportunities stay in front of us but instead of taking action and grabbing that opportunity, 

we let it go and this behavior is what makes human a loser

Quality No. 3 Success

Forbes magazine founder says that history has always shown us that usually, life winners face many problems and difficulties at the start.

even after facing problems still, winners win because they never fear to fail again and again

An example, there was a man who failed in his business at the age of 21.

At the age of 22, he failed miserably in elections, at the age of 24, he again started a new business and he again failed in that business

At the age of 26, his Fiance died. At the age of 27, he went through a nervous breakdown. At the age of 34, he again failed in elections.

Till the age of 50, he lost many real-life battles but still, he didn’t give up, and at the end, he faced success at the age of 52 he became the President of America.

He is considered as one of the best American President and even you must have heard his name, Yes I am talking about Abraham Lincoln.

Maybe till his 50 many people were considering him as a failure But he never accepted failure, he never accepted himself as a failure.

he always tried, and that trying made him such a huge winner that still world admires him remembers him.

similarly, even you must be ready for success you can walk on the path of success just like winners. 

if you can fight with the 4 obstacles, and those obstacles are:

The first obstacle is Fear

Fear is the biggest obstacle that doesn’t allow a person to move forward in life. fear becomes the reason for lack of confidence and also encourages procrastination.

living under fear is like living under prison


The false thing that stops us from success

second obstacle LACK OF MOTIVATION

There were two friends, one was an alcoholic and a huge failure and another friend were successful and a winner. 

When the first friend was asked the reason behind his failure, to which he said, 

then since childhood, he has seen a lot of problems at his home, and his father was also alcoholic and use to create a lot of problems at home and our financial condition was very bad.

Hence I wasn’t able to do anything good in my life and end up being like my father on the other side when success reason was asked to another friend, 

to which he said since childhood we had a lot of problems at home, we were poor and my father was an alcoholic,

and used to create a lot of problems at home since then I had decided that I will never be like my father, and that decision motivated me and has changed everything in my life.

here the thing is, losers usually see their problems as an excuse for losers problems are big excuses for them and with that excuse, they don’t do anything great in their lif.e

whereas winners make their problems as a motivation source and that source allows them to move forward.

motivation is a key to success, motivation is like a key which helps you to start your action( car)

There are two types of motivation, 

first internal and second is external 

External motivation comes from outer sources such as from money, fame or fear whereas internal motivation comes from inside such as from pride, 

from success feeling from responsibility and beliefs

The third obstacle is Low self-esteem

what we think about our selves is really very important because if you think about yourself that you can’t do much in your life,

then yes it will become true, but if you think that you can do a lot of great things in your life then even this will be true, 

As it says whether you say you can or you say you can’t both ways you are right hence always have high self-esteem, 

there are some differences which you can see between high self-esteem and low self-esteem people high self-esteem people talk about ideas

high self-esteem people are usually caring, they think about others, they discuss ideas with others.

They don’t argue they are usually givers whereas low self-esteem people talk about people instead of ideas, they gossip,

they don’t think about others they usually judge others for everything, they never take advise they always argue with others, they are usually of takers mentality

Fourth obstacle Ego

for some people, their pride is everything usually pride never allows them to learn anything new,

pride never allows them to respect others and never allow them to move ahead in life. usually, winners have healthy pride, which they get after achieving something huge in life.

But still, winners stay down to earth with humility and always stay open towards learning from others


A man stops an old man and asked him About the road, he asks him where exactly that road goes?

listening to him that old man ask that young man where exactly he wants to go?

To this that young man replies I have no idea, actually, I don’t know listening to him that old man replies, Then take any road, go anywhere, nothing matters much.

Most of the people have the same problem, they have no idea what exactly they want, what exactly they want to do,

most people have no idea about their goals, hence this thing never allows them to become a winner.

Goals are those dreams to which you give deadlines and make them real by giving proper plan

and by taking proper actions, hence prepare a definite plan just like winners,

and read that plan twice a day, the author says that your goals should be smart means it should be SPECIFIC MEASURABLE ACHIEVABLE REAL AND TIME BOUNDED.

In order to complete any goal, you have to learn any new skill and in order to learn a new skill you must follow 4 stages and you must know those 4 stages

The first stage is known as unconscious incompetence

example: when I had no idea about bikes, at that time was not even sure whether il able to ride a bike or not,

means I was unconscious about it and I didn’t even have bike riding skill at that time means at that time I was incompetent,

when I bought a bike and started riding it at that time I realized that I don’t know how to ride a bike,

means by this realization I reached the second stage known as Conscious incompetence.

I consciously started realizing that I don’t have bike riding skill,

by regular riding practice, I reached to the third stage known as Conscious competence.

Where I started realizing that yes I am learning it and my bike riding skill is improving by regular bike riding, I reached the fourth stage known as unconscious competence.

In this stage, I was so great in my bike riding skill that I don’t have to think consciously while riding a bike,

I don’t have to think when I have to change gear when I have to give less or more gears etc.

Similarly while learning any skill your aim should be to reach the 4th stage as quick as possible

But still, you will not be successful after doing all this if you don’t have winners 5th quality and 

Quality No.5 is VISION

You will not have a big vision until and unless you don’t dream big. We should not skip in dreaming, 

Always remember the mobile and laptop you are using in order to read my article,

once having mobile phones and laptops was also an unbelievable dream for many and fulfilling dream of cellphones and laptops seemed impossible at one time by many people

But few people didn’t give up, they stayed focused on their dream and vision and finally they convert their dream into reality.

Similarly even you must dream big, you must have a big vision you must be persistent and should convert your dream into reality.

Habits of successful people

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Habits of successful people

Habit of successful people

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