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True Inspirational Story Of Walt Disney Studio | Motivational Story

Walt Disney Motivational Story .

Walt Disney Motivational Story
Walt Disney Motivational Story

Walt Disney Motivational Story

“Failure is the stepping stone to success” is a well-known proverb that all of us can easily be advised to others.

But in reality, it is the most difficult thing to be accepted.

Mostly the failures or challenges in a person’s life may pull them back from their dreams and put in a chamber where they struggle for existence with what they have.

Let’s read the true story of a legend who always makes daydreams about his ambitions.

A long time ago, a poor family lived in Chicago. They got a baby boy as their 4th kid.

When the boy turned 4 years old the family decided to move towards a city for a better job.

In the city, his father managed to find a job as a newspaper distributor.

At that time a doctor nearby their house noticed the boy. Once the doctor asked him to draw the picture of a horse.

The boy drew the picture and it was so amazing.

Instantly he fell in love with art and intently developed his skills by copying the cartoons in his father’s newspaper.

Years passed and the family still struggled to meet its expense, so the boy decided to support his family by doing many jobs like selling paintings, snacks, and distributing newspapers.

As he started working from early morning, he felt so tired and would often fall asleep in his classes which made him poor in academics.

As a result, he was sent out of school.

When he turned 18 his brother got him a job at an Art Studio, where he met an inspiring cartoonist.

They became so close and the cartoonist came to know the creative ideas inside the boy.

But unfortunately, the boy had been fired from his job by the management under the justification that “he lacks imagination”.

Although he hasn’t tasted the flavor of fortune ever in his life, he decided to start a company with unwavering optimism and the support of his new friend,

They worked so hard for day and night to bring life for their imaginations.

Sadly, they failed to attract enough customers and the business went under, only after a month.

The boy has been totally frustrated and tried to work in another company… but his mind hasn’t accepted it and he resigned.

He again decided to follow his daydreams and started an animation studio in an old garage with his friend.

He worked for the next 5 years without any income and struggled to find the money even for food.

The company started to show fairytales in the local theater with few characters they have created.

It gradually earned popularity among the people but before being successful his company went bankrupt and he was, once again, left with close to nothing.

He also lost the copyright of his own characters. His life was so miserable at that point in time.

He did not have any place to live and money for food. But all the adversities he had in his life, strengthened him even more.

His self-belief was so strong and he keeps on making new characters and this made the world open its eyes towards his creativity.

One of his characters gained so much appreciation and he himself found a grip on Earth.

He created a feature-length animation movie and came up with more new characters.

Now, I guess you understood this person who faced a lot of failures before he finds the first dim-lit of success.

The person who just followed his daydreams… rather than thinking about his life.

Yes …that’s him whose name is an empire now… the myth….

His evergreen creations include Donald Duck, Goofy, Mickey Mouse, Snow White, and seven dwarfs, Pluto Cartoon Series, and so on.

In 1939 he started Walt Disney Studios in California and in 1955 he opened the truly magical place… that is… our Disney land Theme Park which is so famous all over the world.

This workaholic dreamer won 22 Academy Awards and is the one that has yet to be beaten.

The life of this legend shows no traces of dumb luck or free passes.

It was his hard work fruited from a daydreamer paperboy to a great film producer.

His story remains, as inspiration, from generation to generation.

The sour of failure followed him for a long time.

But his determination and hard work got him up from each fall.

At the end of the day what you have accomplished is based on your dedication and willingness.

No one can steal it or find it for you.

So work hard and dream big… like our favorite legend daydreamer.

Follow your dreams … it will show you the path…and never give up the confidence.

, leave a command below, I like to hear from you.

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Walt Disney Motivational Story

Walt Disney Motivational Story

Walt Disney Motivational Story

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Walt Disney Motivational Story

Walt Disney Motivational Story

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Walt Disney Motivational Story

Walt Disney Motivational Story

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