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Work On Your Dreams | Motivational Story

Work On your Dreams Motivational Story .

Work On your Dreams Motivational Story
Work On your Dreams Motivational Story

Work On your Dreams Motivational Story

If today was my last day, my last chance to give a message to a loved one, I would tell them the story of how someone made their dreams come true.

 Imagine someone who owned a small tree and dream  about seeing it big. His tree was weak and anything could happen to it. 

It might die in a storm, or from a lack of water or even die from mistakes. 

And this person was wondering, so why should I take care of it, if nothing guarantees that it will one day become a big tree? 

Just like this person, we wonder if it’s worth the effort to believe and move towards our uncertain dreams. 

Sometimes we’re afraid, afraid of failing, of being criticized, of being rejected. And for these reasons, we do not dare. 

And we always come up with good excuses. I was not given enough support, I’m too old, not smart enough. 

I don’t have the right body, the right family. It’s too hard and some have already tried and failed. 

Now back to the story of the tree. It’s true, this person is not certain to succeed. 

However, if he crushes the tree himself, the story ends there. And it’s certain that he won’t make it. 

If we crush our dreams ourselves, there’s no chance left to fulfill them. 

I cannot assure you that you will succeed by believing and daring but I can guarantee you will fail if you stop believing. 

So why not go for it? I know there is a little voice inside your head whispering you can do it. 

And throughout history, many men and women have listened to this voice. He was cut from his basketball team and considered not good enough, Michael Jordan.

 He was rejected from film school three times, Steven Spielberg. Fired from a newspaper for not being creative enough. 

Walt Disney. Turned down 30 times and told her book didn’t have what it takes to make a great book, JK Rowling. 

I do not mean that because they believed in their dreams they made it, but that if they’d crushed their own dreams we wouldn’t even know their names. 

Sometimes, we do not work towards achieving our dreams because we think it’s just too big, too late, they will never come true. 

But it’s not about success, it’s about what you get from each display of courage. 

If you take the risk to try, the worst that can happen to you is, taking a chance to learn, taking a chance to be proud of yourself, 

taking a chance to be fulfilled, and maybe even to succeed. 

We can lose our money, our job, everything we own but we cannot lose the person we have become. 

Becoming who you are today, what is that worth? Becoming who you deserve to be tomorrow, what is that worth? 

One study gave me a pause, it was conducted by Bronnie Ware in an Australian hospital. It involved patients in palliative care. 

So many of them had regretted not for the things they did but for those they didn’t do, The risks they didn’t take, the dreams they didn’t take chances-on. 

On the last day of your life, who do you want to be? 

The person who trampled their tree by fear of failure or the one who might not have succeeded but can look in a mirror or their children straight in the eyes and say, 

with tears of gratitude: I am proud of myself. When you say yes to your dreams. You inspire the ones you love to take care of their own dreams. 

I know that in your past, there was at least one person who managed to inspire you and made you eager to move on. 

And today you have the opportunity to become that person yourself for someone else. 

Tell me, how much is that worth? So you might have smashed some of your trees but all the others are still there, still waiting for you. 

Since we cannot tell if our dreams are possible or not, why not act as if everything is possible? Not because it’s easy or even difficult. 

But simply because the primary aim of our dreams is not to be achieved but to make us feel alive and give us purpose. 

Right here, right now, we all have a choice, we can take a chance on a dream. We can choose to believe in it, to nurture it. 

We can choose to take action. Thanks for reading this, I hope you enjoyed it. 

If so, I encourage you to share it with your loved ones. We’ve been working a lot on this story and to be able to share with you today is very fulfilling. 

To learn more about how to create an inspiring life and achieve your dreams, check out our story page. we’ve made for you. Click here to read it. Thank you very much. 

Work On your Dreams Motivational Story

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Work On your Dreams Motivational Story

Work On your Dreams Motivational Story

Work On your Dreams Motivational Story

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Work On your Dreams Motivational Story

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Work On your Dreams Motivational Story

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